Something's Gotta Give

Album: Future Hearts (2015)


  • The zombie-themed visual for this song was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. Guitarist Jack Barakat told why they hooked up with the American director: "We loved the videos that the director, Chris Marrs Piliero, has done in the past. He's done so many great videos for The Black Keys, Britney, and we were so excited that he wanted to work with us so we asked him to write a treatment. The thing that stuck out to him about the song was the lyric 'dying to live.' He's like, 'What if we do a funny play on zombies?'"

    "His concept was Alex is a zombie but he doesn't realize it," Barakat added. "And, he's chasing this girl and you think that he's running from a dude wearing a french fry costume working outside a burger place… but she's actually running away because he's a zombie. And once he realizes it, he has a flashback and sees himself eating all of us, who then turn into zombies. I think it's a pretty fun video."
  • The first single from Future Hearts, "Something's Gotta Give" was premiered on BBC Radio 1 on January 12, 2015. Frontman Alex Gaskarth told Kerrang!: "This explores what I was feeling when we wrote 'Weightless,' when you feel like you're stuck without a paddle. When you're thinking, 'I'm really screwed and there's nothing I can do,' rather than getting down (about it), you can apply yourself and drag yourself out by your boot straps."


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