Poison In Your Veins

Album: The Last Hero (2016)


  • Myles Kennedy sings here about rising above the poisonous fear and insecurity that holds so many people back.

    How long will you cower down
    Until you come to see
    That courage is the higher ground that changes destiny?
    For only those you dare to win with no fear of no rewards
    The time has come to rise again
    You were meant to be much more, somehow

    Kennedy explained to Loudwire: "This song showcases the inner dialogue in one's head; serving as a reminder to live life courageously, take chances, and ultimately believe in yourself. It's not a new theme for us, but definitely one that can never be overstated."
  • Mark Tremonti came up with the song's arena-rock hook. He told MusicRadar.com: "I just like a chorus that explodes, that has this bigness to it. A chorus should be that big energetic part that you want to keep coming back to. That was one of the choruses that I really loved for this album, and in pre-production I had to keep on pulling that thing out."
  • At first, producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette kept shooting down the band's arrangements for this song. Tremonti recalled:

    "I just kept on pulling it out there: 'Come on, let's try it again' and finally it went from a part that I was struggling to get into to an, 'Okay, this could be the first single' kind of thing.

    I think it's when I pulled out the verse riff that everyone loved; I think that's when everyone fell in love with the combination of the verse and chorus. That verse riff is what really sparked it for Elvis and I really didn't want to waste that chorus."


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