Lazy Projector

Album: Break It Yourself (2012)


  • After touring his fifth album, 2009's Noble Beast, American multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird was burnt out. So, he rented a house in Venice Beach, and wrote songs for the movie, The Muppets. Only one of Bird's Muppet compositions made its way into the soundtrack, but he told The Guardian that he was able to use "little bits and pieces" of those that weren't chosen on his Break It Yourself record. "Even if I'm writing about the Muppets, I'm putting my spin on things," he said. "One song in particular, 'Lazy Projector,' is about selective memory, deciding how we remember a certain relationship – who's putting that story together, who's omitting certain things. I had this song I wrote for Kermit about why the Muppets broke up, and I added [it] on to give the song a lift at the end."


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