Grocery Store

Album: Middle Class (2014)


  • Angaleena Presley penned this poignant song about an interaction with a little girl at a grocery store with Lori McKenna. "I got the idea when I was pregnant," Presley told Rolling Stone Country. "I found myself standing in line at the grocery store a lot. I've always been an observer. I've always felt that I was kind of hovering above every situation that I'm in, taking notes. But when you're in line at the grocery store, it's just this thing where, in this country anyway, you're just forced to stop. I think it's really neat that we all kind of have that in common. It's like this forced little moment of meditation that we all have in the middle of our hectic, crazy day."
  • Angaleena Presley had plenty of opportunity to observe the cash register line in her younger day having worked on a cash register at Walmart and Winn-Dixie, a southern grocery store.
  • Here are some more songs set in stores (we are excluding all those euphemistically titled 'Candy Store' songs, which are in reality have nothing to do with shopping!)

    "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Lewis (About shopping for clothes at thrift shops).

    "The Bargain Store" by Dolly Parton (In which Dolly uses second-hand merchandise in a bargain store as a metaphor for a woman damaged by a relationship).

    "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction (About stealing items from a store just for fun) .

    "Pawn Shop" by Sublime (Based on a 1984 Wailing Souls song, "War Deh Round a John Shop").

    "Shoppin' for Clothes" by The Coasters (This Leiber and Stoller song was inspired by the songwriters having a Manhattan office in a building that also housed a lingerie shop).

    "Burnin' It Down" by Steve Earle (About an angry, jobless man contemplating burning down his local Wal-Mart).


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