The Bargain Store

Album: The Bargain Store (1975)


  • This Country chart-topper uses second-hand merchandise in a bargain store as a metaphor for a woman damaged by a relationship.
  • The song includes the line "My life is like unto a bargain store." Mojo magazine June 2008 asked Dolly Parton whether the use of the word 'unto' was giving an archaic, Biblical eternal weight to a dime-store confession, or simply she needed two syllables to make the line scan? Parton replied: "No, I purposely did it. I could have said any number of things - it's easier to sing My life is like a bargain store. I like doing old-timey songs. It's in that minor key, which sounds old world to me, that lonesome drone- it could be a sitar or something."
  • This was used on Stranger Things in the season 1 episode "The Monster." It plays as Nancy and Jonathan are stocking up on gear to trap the Demogorgon.

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  • Brenda from Ocala, FlI always believed the lyrics to be, "liken to" not "like unto".
  • Mark from Boston, MaA number of country radio stations refused to play "The Bargain Store" when they mistook its lines (particularly "you can easily afford the price") as a reference to prostitution. Country radio was still pretty conservative in 1975. Just the same, the song became Parton's fourth consecutive number one single since late 1973.
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