Album: The Art Of Love And War (2007)
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  • This features Betty Wright. Angie Stone explained to the Associated Press how she came to work with the soul and R&B singer. "She was actually in L.A. at the time I was recording the album. She walked in the room to hang out and see what I was doing. And the rest was history. It was honestly something that just happened."
  • In the November 1, 2007 edition of Clutch Magazine, Angie Stone explains how the storyline of the video for this song was altered due to budget constraints: "The way that it was supposed to be was, you're supposed to see the part where the crowd laughs at him, they see that it was really me that beat the guy up [in the video]. You're supposed to see the girl let him know it's a wrap, it's over, and then she was supposed to come to my house to apologize and give me a check to reward me. He was supposed to be sitting outside in the rain, begging me to let him back in. And when that doesn't work, then he knocks on the door and brings me the milk, and I let him back in. But that didn't work because we were running late and over budget.

    I guess the crux of it is once he got busted, [the video] tries to show you that when you got nothing, you come back to old reliable. And we don't want to be that easy. Or that desperate. It was cute, but it would have been better if we would have gotten all those scenes in with him crawling back."
  • This is the first album Angie Stone recorded on her new record label, Stax, after splitting from J Records.
  • In Essence magazine, Stone discusses the reason for the album's title: "For me, it's extremely personal because I was seriously contemplating leaving the secular set and going straight to gospel music because I was tired of my situation at J Records. I love Clive Davis, but it had gotten to the point where the label had become overcrowded and I became that go-to person for all their new artists. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm happy to work with anyone, but I would have had a lot more respect if they had said, 'We really want your expertise and let's do a contract with you to work with these artists.' Shy of being an insult, they allowed me to leave and then asked me to do the same thing that I was doing when I was there. I just felt like I was in a transition with the label and wasn't receiving the support and marketing I needed for my project. Yes, everyone loves Angie but that doesn't equate to record sales. They were not taking the same measures that they would for their other artists."
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