Ring My Bell

Album: Songs Of Love (1979)
Charted: 1 1
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  • This was one of first hit songs to feature a synthesized drum. The hook was the synthesized drum of Carl Marsh, which produced a sound that became copied by many other disco records.
  • This was written by Ward's producer Frederick Knight, who is known for his 1972 hit "I've Been Lonely For So Long." He originally intended it for 11-year-old Stacy Lattishaw, but when she signed with a different label, Ward was asked to sing it instead. She disliked the song and only recorded it as Frederick Knight insisted they needed another dance number on the album.
  • Ward started out as a Memphis gospel singer. This was her only hit.
  • This song required three studios, four engineers, two remixers and a 'midnight mix by Richie Rivera' as well as the production of Frederick Knight to produce its innovative sound. Knight also provided backing vocals.
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) recorded a rap version in 1991 that made #20 US.
  • Rapper Snoop Dogg disclosed to Clash magazine that this was the first record that he ever bought.
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Comments: 13

  • Babbling Babette from Tulsa OkAnita Ward had a wide vocal range & made this song come alive. When the song was very very new & had just been released in 1979, me & my sister loved it on the radio. We'd listen to the lyrics & realized it was about a young married couple having sex & the girl wants her man give her so much sex that she has an orgasm. Well, that really sparked our interests, until our Dad heard the song on the radio too. When we bought the single 45 rpm later, he hit the roof! He grabbed the record one night off Roxy's turntable & threw it outside into the dog's kennel! We got a good scolding about it. But we snuck around (or is it sneeked) & bought another record. haaa! We loved the record and the beat. It got to #1, but we never heard from Ms. Ward ever again. The Disco Era finally faded away. What memories!
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkWow! Back in '79 I was working at a record store in a huge mall when this song hit #1. Honestly, I came to hate this song after a few weeks! Guys would ring the bell on our front counter and say "you can ring mah bell!" In teenage boys it's obnoxious! It's no wonder this woman never had another hit. This song mustive ruined her career, even though it was a huge hit. Her voice was so tinny-sounding and just too sharp for my ears.
  • Larry from Coral Springs, FlI could never stand listening to this song.
  • Rich from Corning, ArWhen this song came out, I was a dj at a small am radio station in northeast arkansas, we were told that Ms Ward was a Memphis schoolteacher when she released this song. If that was true or not we didnt know but we said it anyway. Our am station was only 1000 watts so its not like we were going nationwide , KCCB Corning Ar
  • Paul from Washington Dc, DcAmazingly, I don't recall anyone at school poking fun at this song. I mean, even the jocks and freaks who hated disco got a kick out of it.
  • Mike from Matawan, Nj"Clean"? "Amazingly wholesome"??? This song is about a female asking her b/f to help her to reach orgasm!" They're married, so in the eyes of the Lord, all is groovey.
  • Splat from Austin, TxThe bass guitar is the best part of this song. Absolutely brilliant. Plus, the percussion sounds so real that it's hard to imagine that it's a drum machine. Good work, Frederick K. and Anita W. (and the guitarists and bass player).
  • Martin from London, England"Clean"? "Amazingly wholesome"??? This song is about a female asking her b/f to help her to reach orgasm!
  • Reinjan from Groningen, NetherlandsAlso covered by The Blood Sisters (Reggae), ending up in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Soundstrack, Ann Lee, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Tori Amos, Dynamic Duo, D'Flow Production Squad, Collette, Saïan Supa Crew, INOJ, Pato Fu and Joey Boy
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United StatesFor some reason, Anita Ward sounds like a southern opera star in this song - like a southern version of Petula Clark. Why is that? That doesn't sound much like the others that made their disco hits. Anyway, this song is pretty good; it's CLEAN! Thank you, Anita! You seem to be one of a few. God bless Anita Ward!!
  • Mark from Lancaster, OhMarvelous song. No, it's not about drugs, and they're a married couple, at home. Amazingly wholesome for the times.
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrWhen I first heard part of this song, after she said, "While I put away the dishes", in the next line, I could've sworn she said something like, "Then you and me, can Rock a Bye". Wouldn't that make more sense? Since Rock a bye actually rhymes with the line, "I guess you did, by the look in your eye."
  • Bobbie from Central, NmWOW! Do you mean that this aint about drugs? LOL
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