Intro – Braveheart

Album: BraveHeart (2014)
  • The name of Ashanti's fifth album was inspired by one of her favorite movies, Braveheart. The 1995 film starred Mel Gibson as a 13th century Scottish warrior leading the Scots against the British and won the Academy Award for Best Picture. "The title 'BraveHeart' is self-explanatory," she told The Drop.FM. "You have to be brave and have to have a heart in various aspects of life including relationships and your career. You have to be brave just to survive."

    "I love the movie Braveheart," Ashanti added. "The battle between the British and the Scots. The British had armor and horses and swords and shields and the Scots had handmade weapons, rags and rocks. But their passion was deniable and unstoppable."
  • BraveHeart was the first album released by Ashanti since setting up her own record label, Written Entertainment. She related the war between the powerful British and the undermanned Scots to running her own music label. "It's a metaphor for the music industry and the major labels and the independent labels like mine," the singer commented. "I've been on major labels and now I am on my own. The challenge of having my own label is balancing being a CEO and an artist. As an artist I love to create and spend hours in the studio and come up with ideas. As a CEO I have to contain that because I have to write the check."

    "As an artist I would love to be recording 20 or 24 hours a day but as the CEO I get the invoice and I have to pay for everything," Ashanti continued. "I have to find that happy medium. As a CEO I have a lot more responsibility but the return is amazing."
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