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  • October 13,1980
  • She sang backup or wrote lyrics on lots of records by artists like Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jennifer Lopez. She has been romantically linked to Nelly.
  • Ashanti cites both Ella Fitzgerald and Mary J. Blige as influences.
  • She is part Cherokee Indian. She reflects this by wearing Native American style clothing and sometimes putting Pocahontas braids in her hair.
  • At age 14, she signed to Jive Records and was briefly at Epic Records when she was 16. She finally settled at Murder Inc. Records, which released her debut album when she was 21.
  • At age six, she first joined a gospel choir. She first sang R&B in 1994 at a local talent show.
  • Her last name is Douglas and middle name is Shaquoya. She was born in Glen Cove, New York (on Long Island).
  • She trained to dance at the Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center and has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Apollo Theater as part of the Senior Pro Ensemble.
  • Ashanti danced in the Disney TV musical Polly, starring Phylicia Rashad.
  • The name Ashanti comes from a tribe in Ghana. It's a tribe where the women are very highly respected. There are other meanings in other languages, as well. In Creole, it translates to, "of song." In Indian, it means "war."
  • She has a little sister who also sings. >>
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    Chenell - chicago, IL
  • She has appeared in the movies Coach Carter, Bride and Prejudice and The Muppets' Wizard of Oz. >>
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    Jasmine - Newnan, GA

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  • Meme from Gallatin, TnHi ASHANTI, my name is La'Mekia but everybody calls me MeMe. But I would just like to say that every since you became a singer I have always loved your music keep doing what you do don't let NOBODY stop you. I have all of your albums and your are a good role model for us young gurls. I hope to meet you someday.
  • Shanice from Newyork, NyAshanti you is pretty and iam hoping and praying I'll become a singer just like you one day By shanice harrison
  • Chakasian Jones from Louisville, KyAshant my name is chantoia but they call me toia well i am a big fan of you girl i have your back from all the haters we have in louisville. I tell everyone that you are my mama i really like you girl you all to meet your daughter. but besides i love your music even though people say you can't sing but heck i really don't know but i'm toia an girl i don't know what i would do when i meet you but i do wanna meet you. but nice writing this hope i meet you soon.
    Chantoia, Louisville, ky
  • Aubrie from Pomana, CaAshanti is a bueatiful singer and has an amazing voice that every one should appriciate!!!!!! Ibelieve Ashanti is a positive role model for girls every where!!! Your the best Ashanti!!!(:
  • Shalynn Gray from New Orleans,, LaAshanti 25, "I personally love my career, expectally when i'm performing in front of my fans, it really makes me happy and i wouldn't trade it for anything cause i love what i do and makes me happy"
  • Jasmine from New Orleans, LaAshanti is my favorite singer in the whole wide world. Ashanti has a great voice and so does her little sister Shia, their voices can really blow up! I have all her CDs. Ashanti u da BOMB!!!!
  • Sandra from U.s., OhI think Ashanti is great!! I luv her musik n i luv her..
  • Margaret from Rochester, United StatesMy name is Margaret and I really like Ashanti,that's my goon.I like the way she sings she has a different style.When everybody is going right Ashanti will go left because she try's something new.Ashanti is with MURDA'INC.and I luv Ja'rule he is so sexy.Ashanti can sing a and I like her voice and the way she presents herself as a young lady,like girls should.Ashanti dosen't have "beef" with stars.I'm really feelin'Ashanti and her music and style.I give mad props to Ashanti and she should keep going on and make some more hits.Ashanti is also very pretty and she is a role model for young girls like me.Ashanti shows to never give up because you can do it no matter what.I love when Ashanti says "this is bannans",so Ashanti keep up the good work beacause your"bannans" and I will always support what you do.
  • Malynda from Chicago, IlAshanti is the chain. She is my favorite singer and i love her whole new album . I am 13 she is my role model. She sings so good i want to be just like her. Go Ashanti.
  • Na'kiella from Los Angelos, CaAshanti's new CD concrete Rose is the bomb!
  • Lee from Belfast, EuropeAshanti is banging and she is very pretty her new single is brill
  • Wahoo from Gen. Santos City, Otheri love ashanti, when it comes to talent she's got got all that. she needs not to blaunt her body just to be appreciated by everybody...unlike other artists.....
  • Arterreia from Vienna, Gai think ashanti is doing her thing and i wonder do her and ja rule got a thing 4 each other
  • Jen from Mt Prospect, IlAshanti's little sister does sing, her name is lil she she or something, you can hear her on the disney channel she sings the Pocahontas song.
  • Cedric from Erwin, NcYo Ashanti is off the hook and she is very pretty and to me she can sang and she is VERY sexy
  • Jasmine from Cincinnati, Ohashanti is very pretty
  • Jasmine from Cincinnati, Ohher little sis does not sing chenelle
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