Album: Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me (2015)
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  • Ashley Campbell's major-label debut single, this is a moving tribute to her father, Glen Campbell, and his battle with Alzheimer's disease. An accomplished banjo player (she was the banjo girl in Rascal Flatts "Banjo" video), Campbell was a longtime member of her father's touring band.
  • Campbell started writing the song in Malibu, California, just after her father's final tour ended. She recalled to The Boot: "I was still living with my parents, taking care of my dad. I was sitting by the fireplace in our living room, and I think my mom and dad were in the kitchen, cooking dinner or something. I started coming up with the run, the intro of the song, and immediately, that first line came to me: 'Four years old, running up the stairs to your bed.' I was just thinking about my dad, and so I knew that was going to be a song about my dad, but that's all I had to go on."

    "I recorded that on my phone and left it for a while, and then after I moved to Nashville that spring," Campbell continued. "I got together with my good friend and co-writer, Kai Welch. I said, 'I've got this thing that I started that I think could be really cool. I want to write a song about my dad.' At that point, I was really missing him because I had moved to Nashville, and they were still in Malibu, and I felt bad about not being there. We wrote this song, and it was one of those magic moments where it was a perfect day and the perfect person to finish the song with."
  • The song features in the documentary Glen Campbell … I'll Be Me.
  • The song was written over a period of time. "I had been touring with my dad since I graduated college, and we started his goodbye tour in 2011," Campbell recalled to Billboard magazine. "We finished at the end of 2012, and then I moved to Nashville. I wrote the song with my friend Kai Welch. I started the song when I was living in Malibu, but I just wasn't able to finish it. If I'm feeling like a song is forced, I like to put it on the back burner.

    It just flowed out once I moved to Nashville and started working on the song with Kai. I made a demo of it, and we sent it to the filmmakers, and they loved it and put it in the movie."
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