Album: Like a House on Fire (2020)


  • The song title is a play on words on being antisocial. Lyrically, this track is about scorning those who put you under pressure to fit in with the world's expectations. Instead, you dismiss them and carry on living your life as you want to.

    Please, stay away from me
    You keep on talking with nothing to say
    I don't wanna hear about your life
    You make me wanna eat a bullet, bullet

    Guitarist Ben Bruce explained: "'Antisocialist' is a song written for everyone who just wants to stick their middle fingers up high in the air and scream at the top of their lungs. It's a song for the frustrated, the forgotten, the unappreciated and the downtrodden. It's a song for those who work hard and receive nothing in return. It's a song for those who dream hard and are laughed at. A song that says what we all feel from time to time and a song to just let loose to!"
  • Bruce told Kerrang the band wrote the song for those who just want to flip off all those things that grate them. "As you get older, you realize the extreme pressures that we're all put under," he explained. "It happens in school when you're forced to get good grades to progress; it happens at home with your parents telling you to grow up. You get a job to get money to get a house and so on. It's constant."
  • Asking Alexandria released "Antisocialist" as a single on March 4, 2020. Bruce explained to Rock Sound they dropped the song ahead of the album as the band are bored of all the scaremongering and negative messages people are putting out. "We're sure that everybody feels this way but nobody ever says it, because there are repercussions," he explained. "You can't just walk into work or school and tell your boss or teacher to f--k off, but you want to. So we'll say it for people."

    Bruce went on to say they want people to just let loose and forget about their worries for three minutes.
  • Asking Alexandria released Like a House on Fire on May 15, 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, Bruce admitted to Apple Music the band "must've had a crystal ball" when they wrote "Antisocial." "We all need those stress-reliever songs - when I was growing up, mine was 'Break Stuff' by Limp Bizkit," he said. "Instead of punching the wall, you can put this song on and let out your aggression."

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  • AnonymousI think it goes a little deeper than that. Antisocialist is someone who disagrees (even hates) Socialists in the political and philosophical sense. (I hope it’s that).
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