Rise Up

Album: Asking Alexandra (2017)


  • Asking Alexandra frontman Danny Worsnop actually wrote this song twice. He originally penned the tune for a movie soundtrack but it felt too forced and unnatural, so he scrapped it and wrote it again simply for the band. He explained to Alternative Press:

    "It was the last song I wrote for the album. I called Sony, who are our publishers, and I talked to our handler, and I was like, 'Listen, I'm writing this album. I've got one song left to do. Is there anything you want me to write? Is there anything a movie is looking for specifically or a TV show or like anyone looking for a soundtrack?' She said there was nothing that's on the table right now that people are looking for specifically, but here's the list of things that we get asked for literally every f---ing day.

    So, I'm sitting in the studio, and I'm looking at this list. Ben (Bruce, guitar) is next to me, and he starts reading it, and he's jokingly like, 'Dude, just f---ing do all of them.' But I'm not a man to joke with, so I checked out every f---ing box on that list. It was a cool song, but it sounded contrived. And we sent it in, and we sent it to the Sumerian, and Ash [Avildsen, Sumerian Records CEO] is like, 'I like it, but it sounds like you were just checking off boxes on a list when you were writing it.' And I was like, 'Ah, it's so amazing you say that; you're so observant. That's literally what I was doing.'

    So yeah, I sent it to Sony, and they were like, 'We love it, but I definitely want to hear what else you have.' So I went in the next day and wrote a completely new version, and that's the version that made the album."
  • Worsnop described this as a positive version of "Into The Fire". He explained: "Where 'Into The Fire' is focusing on those negative things that I'm trying to make work for me, then 'Rise Up' is the pushing forward of those positive things and becoming better through it."


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