Album: All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend (2016)
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  • Aurora told The 405: "This song is a rather strange one. It's an important contrast to all the other songs on my album - it's actually a bit happy! I wrote it with some of my band members during 2013 once. It was just for fun, we didn't even know if anything good would come out it!"
  • The song was released as the fourth single from Aurora's debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. The LP title refers to overcoming negative thoughts. Aurora told The Sun: "It's about coming to terms with everything that has been stealing your energy when you're tired and sad. When you accept those things you can finally move on, which is so important. That is what songwriting did for me."
  • Aurora sings all her songs in English even though she is Norwegian. The teenaged singer explained to "I was very influenced by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Kate Bush, they were the artists I liked, so I've been writing in English for a long time. It's a beautiful language, very poetic, writing in Norwegian almost feels too close, I write music that makes me feel very vulnerable as it is, I don't need to feel any more naked."
  • The Norwegian singer-songwriter publicly disowned the song for its overly pop leanings in the documentary Once Aurora. She told NME in 2021 she stopped playing it live in 2016. "Back then with all the seriousness in the music, I was like, 'I can't write about love, stupid,'" Aurora said. "Now I've embraced it. When I start touring again, I will start playing it again – because it is very fun. I just needed a five-year break from the song."


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