Cure For Me

Album: yet to be titled (2021)
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  • Aurora wrote this defiant anthem of self-love for those who are tired of being told they are irregular. Rather than changing themselves so they fit what society deems normal, Aurora encourages them to stay true to themselves.

    "Sometimes I feel like the whole world is trying to convince you something is wrong with you," Aurora said. "And sadly often people believe this to be true. It is very scary how easy it is for someone to convince you that you are wrong. Or that you are overly emotional, too strange, and not good enough. And I think it's about time we shut those voices out. Because in no way should anyone convince you that you are not worthy because of the way you look, or act, believe in or love. We should be allowed to be human. And we don't need a cure for it."
  • Aurora's original inspiration for the song came from those countries that have legalized conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people. The Norwegian singer-songwriter told NME she thought it was "so pointless" and wondered why it was so difficult for these countries to let such folks just be themselves. Then she thought it could mean other instances where individuals are told they need to feel ashamed about who they are. "People tend to believe quite quickly that something is wrong with them if they're not like the people they see in front of them," she said. "It's so sad that it doesn't take much for us to really doubt ourselves."
  • Aurora co-wrote and co-produced the song with Magnus Skylstad. The Norwegian musician and producer is Aurora's go-to collaborator plus the percussionist and drummer for her live band.
  • Sonically, the song incorporates a upbeat, dancey vibe, making a change from Aurora's more usual melancholic material. She told Zane Lowe in the Apple Music interview about the making of the track: "We had so much fun. And it's not often that I embraced the playfulness and the playful part in making music, because I'm always so serious and I'm always crying in the studio because I'm making such sad music. So it's been so special for me and nice to do this, just playful thing."
  • Aurora's record label intended to release the song on April 16, 2021, but delayed it when "Runaway" started trending on the social media app TikTok and climbing the charts worldwide. They eventually dropped "Cure For Me" on July 7, 2021.
  • Speaking with Audacy, Aurora said the song is for those people who feel ashamed that they are different and don't fit into the society's "norm."

    "I find shame to be such a useless way of spending our time here on Earth, and I feel like it's such a waste of energy also and human potential," she said.


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