Forgotten Love

Album: Infections Of A Different Kind - Step 1 (2018)
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  • Here, Aurora sings about moving on from heartbreak, whether it being after a relationship ends or losing a loved one. Instead, if you carry on living, the Norwegian singer says, the pain can be a good pain.

    If I am left with a rose in my hand, let it die
    It's the beauty in forgotten love
    And I don't care if you don't understand why I cry
    It's the beauty in forgotten love

    Aurora explained to NME the song is about, "Moving on from a period of your life which was beautiful, but the memory of it was painful. If you lose someone or they die for instance, you carry them with you. It's very heavy but it's scary to let go, because it's the only thing you have left."
  • Aurora sings the third verse in an imaginary language invented by herself that only she can understand. She explained:

    "The meaning of my own language is that I can sing words that feels right for the heart, while people get the chance to listen to music without any lyrics. I have made a language based on emotion. The words alone means nothing but with the energy you put into them they change.

    None of the words can really be spelled, so it's really funny to see people trying to write them down! But they can't be written down. Only spoken. They are not words on paper, but words in the air."

    Aurora isn't the only artist to sing in a made-up language. Many of the Icelandic band Sigur Ros' lyrics are in a gibberish language that they have created called "Hopelandic."
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