A Little Piece Of Heaven

Album: Avenged Sevenfold (2007)
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  • A romantic, yet very dark song, this is about a couple living together. The man fears that something will happen and their relationship and will break up, so he takes control and kills his girl, preserves her and rapes her dead body when needed. Soon she comes back from the dead and kills her man the same way he did. He is brought back from the dead and they get back together after he feels remorse for what he did. They get married in death for the rest of their unnatural life before they start killing other people. >>
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    Craig - London, England

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  • AnonymousDon't know if the song "tragic kingdom" by No Doubt influenced this song but man does it remind me of it.
  • Dominic from Roy UtahI like creepy dark s--t so when I first heard the song I fell in love with it<333
  • AnonymousGives me hard Mike Patton vibes
  • Spencer from Denver-coloradoThis song is really creepy... BUT AWESOME! (O_O)/ -ME WHENEVER I HEAR THIS SONG XD
  • Yamez from Ohio, UsaI noticed a couple of other comments regarding Danny Elfman and Nightmare Before Christmas. That's the first thing I thought. It reminds me of NBC or Batman Returns, both scored by Elfman. I have to say, as far as musicians, these guys rule. Sinister's leads and general guitar work, intricate harmonizing guitar and vocal work, very powerful lead vocals all amazing. Their range is also incredible, so many different styles of music, even in the same song. Reminds me of a more mainstream Mr. Bungle.
  • Raptor from Southend-on-sea, United KingdomWhen he says "I was weak with fear that something would go wrong. before the possibilities came true, I took all possibilities from you." It was him giving her an ultimatum so that effectively if he can't have her no-one will.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI don't usually like bands like these, but this is awesome! This song blows me away!
  • Kinley from Thimphu, Bhutana7x is my favourite band and this is my favourite song,the lyrics are awesome,the music,the vocals...EVERYTHING about this song is awesome...A7X RULE!! m/
  • Allison from Clarksville, Tnthis is an amazing song by them(: its a lot different from the rest of their songs, so its amazinggggg
  • Austin from San Jose, CaThis song gives me chills at parts, relating to the Rev's death (RIP)
  • Tom from Mechelen, BelgiumWell, I realy love the song, so ***king much, and I can't imagine that there is a better song. Now I play saxophone and I am searching almost over 2 years for the partiture, its to difficult for me to find the notes. Now, I started to play Tenor sax, and now I so freaking hard wanna play the song because its a master piece! :D
    If some-one can help me?
    I already thought of sending a mail to A7x, but i don't know what would happen xD
  • Collin from Cridersville, AfghanistanThat is a good song. i like it
  • Kelsey from Westport, CtThis was the first song I heard from this band. At first I was wierded out a bit. Now I love this song and this band.
  • Slyar from Coolidge, Azthe music is the best but the video was disturbing...
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomThis is really a marmite song, but I love it.
  • Rickey from Lansing, Mithis song is really creepy, but i love it. i realy like how they use alot of different instruments.
  • Sarah from Portland, Orbecky i love you!!!
    and i agree 100% with her :D
  • Becky from Portland, Ori love this song(:
    one of my favs from A7X
    i dont know why people hate it its theatrical and the instrumentals are amazing.
    very different i love it(:
  • Alex from Atlanta, GaThe video is really twisted and disturbing but I love the song. It's really different.
  • Alec from Pal Harbor, Flnot to offend anyone (i love a7x) this song gave me nightmares and its kinda sick. ive only heard it once and im afraid to go back (i may sound like i whimp but its true)
  • Joe from Sin City, NvThis song is amazing, the arrangement, the lyrics, the story told, everything about it.

    For those that have reminders of Nightmare Before Christmas, it's pretty well placed, Tim Burton almost always has Danny Elfman compose the score for his movies and this track sounds VERY Elfman-esque.
  • Gabanti from Your Mum, United Kingdomthis song is awsome,, its the weirdest, but best love song ever , this was a kind of jokey song while they were making it in the studio though, so dont take it too seriously,, but i love it!
  • Weston from Aztec, NmI love how this song goes back and forth from menacing to mellow.
  • Jim from Ralston, Nein the video he kills her over being denyed marriage, but if you listen to the song its because he's afraid she would leave him. "i was weak with fear that something would go wrong. before the possibilities came true, i took all possibilities from you." as for if they're married or not, it never says but implied not.
  • Ashley from St. Paul, Mnthis is a really interesting song. i think it shows how diverse of song writers they are. they can go from a song like critical acclaim, to dear god, to this all in one album. when i first heard it, it reminded me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. ha
  • Rod from Logan, Njthe video was cool!!
  • Devin from Fort Wayne, Inthis is an awsome song but it scared me the first time i heard it
  • Jess from Montreal, QcMy favorite song by them its awesome
  • Dick from San Francisco, Caif you want to see the video go to krab.com. Its under "A" for avenged sevenfold in the on demand video section.
  • Lee from Oakville, OnActually Amy from new york. It is not Zachy who says stuff it is the Drummer , "The Rev." I love this song and dont really care what its aboutt :P
  • Paul from Tucson, Azi hated this song when i first heard it, but it grew on me and i fell in love with it.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txi think this is the worst A7X song out there. im kinda disappointed because its so far away from their style. i love A7X still tho.
  • Gabby from Austin, TxWell, in a sense all of you are right. Avenged Sevenfold wrote this song as they needed some time away from the "real world", so they went to Matt's cabin and made this song that was formerly known as Big Bear. Initially, the song is about this man and his significant other who he ends up killing then preserving to do whatever he wants with her. Then, she comes back unexpectedly from the grave to kill him where they then go on to get married and end up terrorizing everyone else happily. But the underlying reason they wrote this song was because it was just something new and fun that was put together piece by piece until it was perfected into this song. Basically, they were just having fun with it and it's something to be proud of on their part.
  • Tyler from Oak Grove, Moactually the only thing that craig messed up is that they were not married in the begginng if you watch the video youd know that it is a cartoon for one and two that he proposes to her and she says no the rest is accurate as far a interpretation goes or unless you personally know A7X and know the meaning they intended
  • Ozzy from Fresno, CaWow this song is like a joke..When I first heard it I liked, but now its like my least favorite song by them..
    I would be really good in a Tim Burton film tho
  • James from Houston, Txactually Danny's right. In the video, the couple wasn't actually married *and in the song there's no proof of them married before the guy killed the girl* but now you can't watch the video cuz it keeps getting taken down. Still a very good song, My second favorite song from this album
  • William from Bergen, NorwayIt's all about what it says up there. So you should really see the making of the album, and listen to the song.
  • Amy from New York, Nyactually Danny, it is indeed what the song is about and if youd 1. listen to the song you would know and 2. listen to what zachy says you would also understand that its everything Craig said so yea thanks bye
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