I Won't See You Tonight

Album: Waking The Fallen (2003)


  • This song has two parts: Part 1 is about suicide from the point of view of the one committing it. The second part is from the perspective of a friend. The song was clearly influenced by Pantera's songs "Suicide Note Pt. 1" and "Suicide Note Pt. 2." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Keaton - Fort Walton Beach, FL
  • Matthew Sanders, the lead singer for Avenged Sevenfold known as M. Shadows, claimed that he walked in on the band's former bass player Justin Sane as he was trying to commit suicide with cough syrup. Justin Sane was supposedly suffering from Bipolar Disorder and went to a mental hospital for a while. When he returned, the band (mainly M. Shadows) were concerned about Justin's new behavior. In a "Take Action Tour" magazine when asked about Justin, Shadows said: "He went to mental institution for quite a few months, and when he got out, it was like he was on acid all the time. Eventually, we had to let him go because it was too much." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Airk - Skagway, AK

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  • Desi from Eddyville, KyThis song.... Made me start sobbing. Part2, and part one, relate to me and my friend exactly. Only, my friend is still alive, but if she wasn't... I don't even...
  • Jessi from South Bloomfield, OhDon't get me wrong, I like Screamo, but it's always nice to listen to speed metal with a refreshing dearth of screaming. I find that there's too little of that these days.
  • Sophie from Glasgow, United Kingdompart 2 is better than part 1
    but this song rocks!
  • Josh from Grasonville, MdToo much of this song resembles my ex-girlfriend hated last summer
  • Angela from Cartersville, GaI love zacky hes so cute i love his music and his music type
  • Keith from Garnet Valley, PaWow Part 2 makes a lot more sense
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CoWow...this song just took on a whole new meaning for me. I love it to death now!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, it was already one of my favorites, but now it's so relatable, and that really makes a song for me.
  • Casey from Whitestown, InI LOVE EPICS!!!! they're awesome to listen to...and who better to make one than A7X? ~16 more days~
  • Ryan from Mound City, Mothere are also rumored to be parts of a suicide note from a friend in the song...
  • Bk from Ft. Worth, TxThe static at the end of the song actually convinced me that I had killed myself, but fortunately this band doesn't leave you in a "lulled" state for too long.
  • Monkey from Woodstock, Gaa7x= best R0ck 0ut loud band eva
  • Austin from Parma, OhSimpsons did it!!!
  • Florabelle from Canterbury, Englandthis guy is a fantastic singer..and part 2 of this song is my all time favourite of waking the fallen:D
  • Jeff from Cleveland, OhThis guy is an amazing singer. Makes me think of my girlfriend. She loved his voice
  • Elyssa from Goliad, TxThis song rocks! Part 2 is even better! I love screaming, i mean, im more of a metal fan, so yeah, i like the screaming aspect of songs more than the emo'ish' parts, but yeah, ive been an A7X fan since the first album came out, 'Sounding the Seventh Trumpet' and these guys are hard workers, they definately deserve the credit they have gotten... <3
  • Peter from Dubai, OtherI wont see u tonight part 2, its a fantastic songzzzzz...... and also i love Avenged Sevenfold ...........
    but it is a good song with a decent solo and, dun dun dun, NO SCREAMING
  • Don from Middleburg, PaThe First Part Is A lot Better Than The Second...Avenged Sevenfold Is A Kick Ass Band!!!!
  • Michelle from Pueblo, CoI love Avenged Svenfold...
  • Kitten from Cat City, Cai love this song. its the best on the cd.
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