Seize The Day

Album: City Of Evil (2005)


  • Lead singer M. Shadows says that the song is about thinking twice about your actions. It's about "Seizing the Day," keeping those you love close because everything can be gone in two minutes. >>
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  • Lou from Sheffield, UkJust played sieze the day at my sons funeral, he died from cancer and chose the song himself, he was 27years old and I'm sure he wants all his family to live every day in full.
  • Kimberly D from West VirginiaI absolutely love this song! It's my all time favorite song! Love the video and all!
  • Rr from Bellingham MaI love this song it sparks so many memories in my mind it's hard not to get choked up by the lyrics as a person who's been to way to many funeral in his life I'm haunted by many last words an lost opportunity in my life when I ride alone an i listen deep I swear I can hear my nana voice see my papa face feel the warm hand shake of my best friend or warm embrace of my x girlfriend these will a look ways be with me and make me who iam so i love this song an the meanings behind it
  • Felix from CaliforniaI got in a huge fight with the love of my life. I have been having some trust issues with her lately... now, im teaching myself to trust her once again. She poured her heart out to me and was seriously thinking of suicide. Everyday that I talk to her I seize it; I take it and caress it like a child. She's tried to commit suicide quite a lot in the past. She told me, even after I made her cry, and made her miserable, that she is so grateful to have met me and is so happy that she hasn't died. I have a long road to take to get back to who I was, and during that time, while she's beside me, I will seize the day and remember the good times we've had and the wonderful times we will have in our future. Paige Craft, I will forever love you.
  • Demon from Taberg, NyI personaly get very choked up when i listen to this song because my cousin should have thought twice before takeing heroin i now hold a grudge against him and i probly would punch him in the face he needs to F****** CLEAN UP AND "Seize the Day" AND ILL MAKE SURE I KEEPMY BOYFRIEND CLOSE I love you kyle
  • Rachel from Earlington, Kythis song makes me think a lot about my life. cuz i did bad crap and got sent off. ended up losing the love of my life, and all my friends. now i go from bf to bf and home to home, and im 17. ill be 18 in a cpl months, and it scares me tht ill end up in jail if i go back to my old habits. (i dont plan to but u kno...). i jus wish i could spend more time w/ mama and my newest sister (kid #6-girl #5). i dont wanna live my life without them. i dont wanna die young or have my life ruined, so i need to Seize The Day
  • Stevie from Council Bluffs, Iaafter listening to this song and watching the music video made me feel guilty in a way. i dnt know why the video was my reality and only being 19 and being in for 2 years for armed robbery i lost a lot of what people call "time" and had no clue what i did and how i ended up there...
  • Katharine from Kent, United KingdomAfter hearing this I always feel guilty. I feel like I don't spend enough time with my dad and tell him how much I love him, and if something ever happened to him then it would kill me inside. This is one of my favourite songs and A7x are my favourite band in the world, their music takes me to another place.
  • Frank from Brick, NjI love this song, it describes my life, it makes me remember a very special family friend that recently passed away. I love the guitar solo when he stands on the casket, its like i live in a different world when i listen to this song, great job A7X, RIP Dawn i love you [:
  • Samantha from Vanceboro, NcI personally love this song. Though it makes me sad when i hear "so what if i never hold you or kiss your lips agian". I cry because my "friend with benifits" left me with only this song to remember him by and the wrist band that he used to hid the cuts on his arm. Every time i hear it it makes me not wanna kill myself(which i always do.)
  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, InThis song is like my brothers biography he robbed a store and only he got caught but his wife didnt die she just f--ked his best freind and took his kid away from him
  • Ashlee from Presscot, AzI, personally love this band and support then one hundred%. I never seen the music video but my friends tell me its the best and one of the saddest. Seize The Day is without a doubt one of the most realistic songs around. Sometimes unexplictibly love is suddenly lost and you feel like you caused it. I recently have experienced a tradgedy somewhat close to this. I LOVE YA ALWAYS GLENN! R.I.P
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomThis is the first A7X song i ever heard, still love it. The video really shows the meaning, the guy in the vid (played by M Shadows) f--ks up his life, and ends up in prison, and while he's in prison his girlfriend dies in a car crash. The solo is amazing.
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CoAvenged Sevenfold is one of the greatest bands of all time, and I may dare say this is the best song off City of Evil. Just beautiful.
  • Chauncey from Omha, NeYeah, sorry for the misleading info on the baby dieing. I guess I just needed to watch it a couple more times.
  • Andrew from Durham, United KingdomThis song is based on the video and meaning of "Don't Cry" by Guns N Roses, the song is about a struggling relationship, and how the woman suddenly dies in which the cause is not unveiled.
  • Alycia from San Jose, CaI just think that this song has many meanings, and can mean many things to many different people, as obvious above..
    I feel that Loss in many ways is the main idea, Loving someone so much that the thought of losing them pains you, kills you, especially if there is no guarantee that there is an afterlife.
    People take life for granted, love for granted.. things for granted, and I think it is mainly based upon the thought that "no matter what, I have anojther day to fix it, make it better".. As life goes, theres no guarantee, nor is there a promise.. Seize the day, the moment, your life.. Cause lost is only in the moment.. and lost frever is eternal.
  • Kenny from Ferndale, Mithe woman died, but the kid didn't.. if you look back at the end of the video, shadows is standing near the grave and his son comes up next to him
  • Jess from Montreal, QcIf you look at the video you'll see a guy fooling around with a camera with his girlfriend and they go rob a store, the girl begs him not to go but he goes anyways and gets caught so now he's in jail. Its a good song though.
  • Gabby from Austin, TxTo -chauncey, omha, NE.

    The baby survived, if you pay attention at the end of the music video, the little boy that's with him is the son. But anyways, love this song. It gets me real emotional during some times.
  • Chauncey from Omha, NeIn the music video, the whole band is robbing a gas station. M. Shadows gets caught and it gets put on TV. The GF/Wife sees this and gets really depressed. She goes to visit him and they get into an argument. She leaves and is sitting at an intersection. Than she gets T-Boned by a Van. Her and the baby that she is pregnant with both die.
  • Marc from Bruno, MnThis song has the most sentamental value to me of all songs. I was at a big party in my home town with like 50 of my friends all under age including me and one of my friends had his music cranked up for this song when it first came out. He left right after this song was dun playing to go get mome people to come to this party, when he was hammered. Needless to say he rolled the truck and died on the spot. I got over it after a wile but i could'nt stop thinking about this song that played before he died, it was forshodowing his death. Charish the time you spend with your family and live life to the fullest wile thinking twice about your actions, cuz life can end in the snap of a finger. Sometimes you dont think so but after that im living my life different!!
  • Sebas from Auckland, New ZealandThis song Is awesome and beautifuly sung, And the solos are wicked... This song Is great and we all need to rememeber to "Seize The Day"
    Way To Go A7X...
  • Brittany from Orlando, Fli love this song and everything its trying to say.. someone introduced me to it; and ive loved it ever since.
  • Casey from Whitestown, InYou can figure out what this song is about just by watching the music video...The guys rob a store, kill the clerk, and then go to jail...then Shadz's gf gets in a car crash and dies...then the guys are at the funeral with Shadz and Valary's kid (in the vid) and its sad and makes me want to keep living when i think about suicide (all the time)
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Cai just love this song period. people say the solos in comfortably numb is real emotional, but the ones in this are even more amazing to me. the song is probably my favorite avenged sevenfold song because i could really think about it nd hear synyster gates and m. shadows mor. just an overall great song. anyone who's never heard avenged sevenfold would love it.
  • Kenna from Lino Lakes, MnI love this song. It tells you to even love your enemies because they might be gone by tomorrow:(
  • Josh from Lincoln Park, Miliving life to the fullist with the people you love and care about. making evry moment worth it.
  • Eben from Albany, GaThis song says a lot its about life and how quickly sommething can happen so you want to enjoy every second of life everyday.You can with the person you love I give this song 5 stars for its alternative rock style music. And so always think to your self go and Seize The Day when you can.
  • Ryan from Mound City, MoIn a New York concert Matt said this song is "about takin those ones you love and livin everyday with them, never uh, you know, getting in argument over stupid ****, when our time on this earth here is very short, take those ones you love and Seize The Day."
  • Dj from Coventry, Rithis song is great rythem,meaning,beat overall great this song is hard to understand at first you really have to listen and think about it but i give it 5 stars amazing 100%, personally i like avenge sevenfolds slow songs better than there screaming ones thease have more meaning and are eazyer to listen to
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, MdI think it's more about living in the moment and cherishing every moment we have.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlI LOVE the solos in this song! Synyster did a great job with them.
  • Andy from Apex, NcM Shadows is absolutely right! I should go to India and keep whomever I love close.
    Good point. Now I no longer have to kill myself.
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