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  • Everyone knows that one special person that you would give anything for if they noticed you. It could be your crush or just a friend. Avril also talks about how you always want to make them happy, but they always go and try to act tough, looking in the mirror fixing their hair, not smiling, and lying to themselves. Always feeling so sad and sorry for themselves, like the world's crashed and burned. Then, when you need them the most, they abandon you and you feel so lonely and cold... by yourself. >>
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    Shana - Radcliff, KY
  • On her My World DVD, from her Try To Shut Me Up Tour, Avril tells the crowd that this is a song about a boy she met over the summer when she was 14... who said he'd call but he never did. >>
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    Hope - Naperville, IL
  • This is one of five songs Lavigne wrote on her debut album with Clif Magness, a seasoned songwriter/producer assigned to Lavigne by her label, Arista. Avril, who was 17 when the album was released, is credited as a co-writer on every song.

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  • Maddy from Barrie, Onthis is one of my favorite songs by Avril Lavigne.
  • Melissa from Liverpool, United KingdomThis song has an amazing messedge in it, I watched avrils "my world" dvd( i am super fan) and she said its about a guy she was crushing on a couple of summers before who said he would call her and didnt and get to no her thing, so basically this song is about an ignorant sod who is stuck up, and thinks hes all that, and avril is basically telling him what hes missing, and that hes a fool for his selfish and stuck up attitude.
  • Lauren from Nashville, Tnthere is also a reference too drugs because she says "because you chose weed over me your so lame" this might mean the guy was on weed she told him too stop and he refused so she gave him a choice
  • Joanna from London, United Kingdom"you can't see the world through a mirror" shows how she wants him to stop seeing the world as if he is not a part of it. She wants him to listen to her and acknowledge that she is trying to make him laugh and come out of his own world. she is frustrated that he doesn't seem to care about her because he is always feeling sorry for himself. "It won't be too late when the smoke clears...cos i am still here" implies that when he sorts his life out and stops smoking weed, she is still here for him.
  • Maria from Nowhere, Otherfirst she says: "im not about to look at your face again." then she's like "It won't be too late when the smoke clears, cos I, I am still here"
  • Ethan Bentley from Southampton, England'It won't be too late when the smoke clears, cos I, I am still here' reminds me of a situation I'm in now things are a bit rough but when it settles I'll still be there for them cos they mean that much to me. Interesting and deep.
  • Annabelle from Atlanta, Gai identified with this song a lot when her album came out. i dated a guy who smoked weed a lot, more than i was aware of (i never partaked), and this song parallels my situation exactly. the line "'til you chose weed over me, you're so lame," points out that the guy that the song is about is a pothead. hence his and her actions in the rest of the song. him acting tough, her just trying to make him smile, but he continues to wallow in himself and all she wants is to make it work, which never happens. i believe that the guy being a pothead has a lot to do with the meaning of the rest of the song. that's how i connected with it anyway...
  • Dawn from Toronto, CanadaLove this song...I love the lyrics, and the melody...
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