Album: Let Go (2002)
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  • This song is about being used, and how a guy can think of a girl as a prize and his friends congratulate him. "I wanted to know ya, I wanted to show ya" refers to the attitude that sometimes girls think they have to have sex to prove that they care for someone, and then "I just don't understand why you won't talk to me" is about how high school boys can be terrible - you can be in the most intimate moment with them, and then the next day they don't recognize your existence. "Don't talk words against me" refers to rumors. It's harsh being called things like "slut," "ho," "whore," when all you wanted was to show him you wanted to be with him. >>
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    Kelly - Morrilton, AR
  • "Unwanted" is one of five songs Lavigne wrote for her debut album with Clif Magness, a veteran songwriter whose credits include Jack Wagner's 1984 hit "All I Need" and Wilson Phillips' 1990 hit "Impulsive." Lavigne was just 17 when she worked on the album, so her label, Arista, teamed her up with pros like Magness that had been in the industry longer than she'd been alive.

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  • J from SwedenThis is always gonna be one of my fav songs. Literally every word in this song has happened in my life. Started by shaking his hands. And then “you don’t know me don’t ignore me” Tired of ppl judging me by how they think I am. in luuuv with this song
  • Mere from Philadelphia, Pathis song reminds me of this guy i liked who was completley oblivious to me and acted like such a douche bag sometimes but i still really liked him. wow i was stupid. he turned out to be an annoying douche bag.

    BTW this song is very easy to play on guitar
  • Larka from New York, NyDude. It's about whatever it makes you feel inside. For some it's about a guy, for others it's about a friend, and for everyone else it could be something completely different. Isn't that what music is all about?
  • Hope from Naperville, Ili think this kelly person who added the songfact is very wrong. avril writes about personal experiences, mainly, and this meaning goes against a lot she has written about...like i don't give and don't tell me. i like the meaning tamalee put down. i agree and relate.
  • Jeana from Sterling Heights, Mi

    I tried to belong it didn't seem wrong
    My head aches
    It's been so long
    To write this song, that's what it takes

    sounds like she just wanted to get to know a person rather than a guy
  • Abby from Hyderabad, IndiaYah, the part "No, I just don't understand why
    you won't talk to me...It hurts that I'm so unwanted for nothing", the exact same thing happened to me. He found out i liked him, and now hes ignoring me.. even after i told him well just b friends if he wants....... it damn hurts
  • Heather from Pittsburg, PaI love this song...I had a dream after listening to this song that the exact same thing happened to me and my boyfriend...
  • Tara from Somewhere, Fl... and that no one's there...
  • Tara from Somewhere, Flthis song makes me remember the anger i have twards my mom: she said she knows me and that i'm just like her, but she doesn't have a clue...
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, WaUh, Kelly from Morrilton, AR, that's not actually what the song is about. I do agree that it's about meeting her boyfriend's parents. This song is awesome, by the way!
  • Emmy from Westborough, MaYes it's about her boyfirend's parents not liking her...i read it in a interview
  • Ian from New York, NyWell Holly, you just sumed what ever song by Avril is about.
  • Scott Baddwin from Edmonton, England"It's about falling for someone,and then he uses and dumps you,and leaves".I think you sould look up what "falling for" means.
  • Tamalee from Cornelius, OrActually, the song is about meeting her boyfriends' parents and them not thinking she's good enough for their son.
  • Holly from Pensacola, FlIt's about falling for someone, and then he uses and dumps you, and leaves.
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