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B2K Artistfacts

  • They gained attention by opening for Lil' Bow Wow on his 2001 summer tour. They also appeared in his video for "Ghetto Girls."
  • They have appeared on several TV shows, including TEENick, BET's 106 And Park, MTV's Mandy, and the Fox Family Channel's Weekly Video Countdown.
  • They were discovered at an Epic Records Showcase in Los Angeles in 2001. They showcased their own tight harmonies and complicated dance moves, despite barely being teenagers.
  • Omarion has appeared in TV commercials for McDonalds and Kellogg's.
  • The group consciously tries to keep their lyrics positive and clean. They feel this allows the whole family to enjoy their music, parents and young kids alike.
  • All four cite Michael Jackson as a big influence.
  • Raz-B is the oldest and Lil' Fizz is the youngest. Five months, one week, and six days separate them.
  • Real names: Raz-B - De'mario Monte Thornton; Lil' Fizz - Druex Pierre Fredericks; Omarion - Omari Ishmael Grandberry; J Boog - Jarell Damonte Houston.
  • All the members except Omarion were born in 1985. (DeMario - June 15, Jarell - Aug. 11, Dreux - Nov. 26) Omarion was born November 12,1984. >>
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    Crystle - Houston, TX
  • Omarion is the oldest and also the last to join the group. >>
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    Bianca - Detroit, MI
  • Omarion's name means for "African King Forever." Omari (his real name) = "African King," Ion = "Forever." >>
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    janet - dc, DC

Comments: 18

  • Aalih from Marietta, GaRaz_b is the finest b2k member I'm really sad dat dey broke up cause they were so hot ( Did I say HOT( manly raz_b)
  • Sherry from Jamaica, United Statesi think the group should not have ended but think omarion is the sexest one of all
  • Marnita Cheatham from Bremen , GaB2k, ya'll got to get back 2-getha! dis mess ain't fair for ya'll to be like dis. ya'll are brothas what is the Mullinium w/ out B2K in it lots of people are thinking like dis I'm just telling you!! Love Ya'll 4 Eva
  • J-boog's Girl from La, CaJ-Boog is the hottest and sexiest! I love him!
  • Muna from St.cloud Mn, Mni think omarion is the hottest one.lil fiz is also cute .love u baby omarion
  • Ashley from Bartow, FlOk, first of all, I just wanna correct all of you girls who think you know, but have no idea. Aiight, Marques Houston and omarion are NOT brothas, ok. Omarion and Marques keep on stressing it in the magazines in interviews. They've known each other since they we're four years old and Omarion never had an older brotha to look up to, so he calls Marques his big brotha. If ya'll were true Omarion and Marques fans you would've known that, ok. Thanx for reading!
    <oh and Druex/Lil Fizz is not a damn bastard, he was wrong for fightin Omarion but @ least he apologized on Bet's "The Center". Yep, he was on there like July 28th talkin bout his new album comin out in September called "payday!" That last comment was for the fans of Fizzo only, ok?!&rt;
  • Rose from Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, New ZealandHey I reckon that B2K is pretty alright. But since they've all gone they're seperate ways Omarion's career has really taken off (I'm sure the others have been pretty successful too!) you're awsome Omarion, you're such a great singer, you're pretty hot too, LOL =) from Rose
  • Lydia from Boston, MaI still love B2K even though that they are not toghther anymore. I think that Lil' Fizz and Omarion are the cutest members in the group sorry J Boog and Raz-B. Omarion is a great singer he sounds so sexy in his song "O". The rest of the ex B2K members need to come back out and make their own music. I wish that I could meet the guys because everytime they have a concert I try to win tickets, but I never ever win and I always end up crying. Then I have to go to school or some place else and have to hear other girls talking about how sexy they looked at their concert. Please if any info comes out on Omarion or any other member being somewhere email me thanks. Luv hot babe!
  • Christal from Sealy, TxI think all the guys in b2k are fine but I really like lil'fizz.
  • Jasmine from Albany, GaI still love B2K. They will forever be in my heart and their posters will stay on my walls. That is until i get married and my husbad just won't allow it. But that wouldn't stop me from listening to their albums. I love all of you, Druex,Jarell Omari, and D' Mario. Well, I love your style, don't know you to say I'm in ove with you but you get my flow. Stay up and remember me!
  • Maima from New York, Nci think that omarion is the sexyest and finest singer ever when he sings i fell the words that he is saying and o my good he is so cute.i really just want to meet him
  • Samantha Nyikadzino from Harare, AfricaB2K had it goin on.They are off da chain.was really sad when they split but i will 4eva be a b2k chic.im now waitin for omarion's album and i'll most def buy it i will always have any of da b2k's guys' back.i hope some day omarion will come down 2 africa so we can get 2 chill with him .oh did i mention that the 'brother is fiiiiiiine
  • Febe from West Palm Beach, Flomarons is soo cute but the only thing is that i can never see him. he is soo fine but i am only 15 and he is 20 so i dont know i still i hope i could see one day or another it may not be tommorow but i hope it will be some day.
  • Diondre from Nacogdoches, TxOmarion and Oryan are brothers and Marques is thier have bro.Fizz and Young Rome are brothers also L.B.D and Boog are bros.They need to get back together.I mean they are all family so they need to stop trippin.I like B2k and imX,plus I sent them my demo so if they read dis check ya'll
    mail.Omari keep it real,Fizz you boog good luck wit 4deep.Raz-b I wish you luck to.B2k is 4EVER.
    MH and Imx got to get back together.Jhene you are fine as hell drop another album for me. Lil'O man
    that track you did wit YoungRome is off the chain.
  • Cassandra from Brooklyn, NyJarell is so cute and talented and he doesn't have to be part of a group to prove that to anybody!!!

    Love Always,

    Cassandra aka Roberta
  • Patricia from St.pete, FlLil Fizz is my man his pic are posted all over my wall an di hope they don't get back together because they need to spread their each indivual talents my baby is Lil fizz for a fact
  • Kiarah from Overland Park, KsIlove B2k and can't know one change that they are all my hearts never seen some one with four hearts until you see me and Raz b has a habit af biting his nails and lilfizz has a habit of biting his lip J- boog wears a size 7 1/2 in men omarion weighs 125lbs holla at the researcher of b2k love you b2k kisses
  • Layana from Washington, Dcb2k is the hottest group out now and they are taking over with the scream tour
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