Album: Bad Company (1974)
  • Paul Rodgers (Classic Rock Revisited January 12, 2001): "Every song that we have done has it's own story. 'Seagull' was written sitting on the beach. Music is about atmosphere. The best way to create the atmosphere is to actually be there. You don't have to imagine it. It is right there. With Seagull, you could see the horizon. You can include that in the songs. That is what writing songs is all about; creating mood and atmosphere." >>
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  • Drum24/7 from Huntington Beach Paul Rodgers is simply the best singer in Rock period! A talent beyond any and all! He’s still doing it to perfection! Seagull will forever be with me, as I remember the lost of my young daughter who was a gifted Singer/Songwriter who never got a chance to shine....
  • Popawoody from Redondo Beach, Caoops... small correction. Headley Grange is southWEST of London. The whole steering-wheel-on-the-right thing gets me confused. ;)
  • Popawoody from Redondo Beach, Ca@Debby - I'd be curious to know when Paul Rodgers (and Mick Ralphs) might have stolen Seagull from your ex-husband. The song first shows up on Bad Company's first album, recorded in November 1973 at the now-famous Headley Grange in the English countryside southeast of London. This is where Stairway to Heaven was penned, incidentally. The song is copyrighted by Rodgers and Ralphs through PRS and published by BadCo Music and Warner Brothers through ASCAP. If your ex actually wrote it, it had to have been before 1973.
  • Oldpink from IndianaA bunch of nice comments, then we get treated to two postings from Debby, who is clearly deranged.
  • Trish from Grovedale, AustraliaSeagull is so very special to me, he was the nickname given to my youngest son, came home when he needed the love from family and left just to experience what life had to offer, so sad in my heart he passed away 11/08/11, my seagull will live forever...
  • Wess from Moorhead, Mnmitch and andrew,your both right . and overrated ? this guy has been under rated for yrs he is better freddy mercury ( rip)
  • Jakob from Hedensted, DenmarkDebby... "Both those songs don't even sound like their other songs". That's called: To be varied. Some musicians/bands are playing in one style, typically their own. Then there are musicians/bands who wants to fascinate their audience by making something different. For instance: Pink Floyd. Just because they don't sound like their original creator/writers, doesn't it mean they have stolen it from others. Does it also mean that you think that Pink Floyd made one album on their own and then stole other musicians songs to create another 13 songs? Not to be rude, but I just think you are talking bollocks.
    Lalah: Hahaah. I hate seagulls too. Annoying and screaming devils. But I love this song.
  • Denis from Concord, Nhthis song at time,s make,s me cry when i hear remind,s me about my brother who passed away a few years ago.we would both get loaded and just kick back and listen to this song
  • Debby from Seattle, WaPaul Rodgers and crew are rotten thieves and Seagull was NOT written by him on the beach so he is a liar too. I would tell him to his face if only I could!
  • Debby from Seattle, Wawarriorsofthecross Actually, my x husband whom died in the mid ninties wrote Seagull, and Shooting Star as well as the tune! This stupid band whos name really hits the nail on the head stole all his music as he was asleep at the San Fran airport! He was a guitar player and song writer. So everytime you hear one of these 2 songs just know that Michael Nelson wrote them. Both those songs don't even sound like their other songs. Bad company is what they truly are and their karma will come around for what they did
  • Trina from Port Arthur, TxI only recently heard this song about a year ago it was one of my Uncle's favorite songs. He was a Bad Company fan he passed away last year and this song was one of the song I played for him at his funeral. It has become one of my favoriet songs as well. I play this song when I think of him. To me the melody is hauntingly beautiful.
  • Lalah from Wasilla, Akbeautiful song in lyrics and emotion. I hate seagulls though.
  • Andrew from Beith, ScotlandPaul Rodgers has the best voice in British rock, I picked up a bootleg of the band live in America 2 years ago and Seagull is on it - absolutely amazing!
  • Mitch from St. Louis, MoEveryone who feels Paul Rodgers is overrated needs to listen to this song it blows me away.
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