Baby Blue

Album: Straight Up (1971)
Charted: 73 14


  • The "Dixie" addressed in the song's lyrics was a real person, a singer named Dixie Armstrong, who was a former girlfriend of singer/songwriter Pete Ham. The song is about a guy who keeps his girl (his "baby blue") waiting too long and loses her. It seems to be based on his long-distance relationship with Dixie, which he couldn't maintain.
  • Todd Rundgren produced this track. A year later, Rundgren released his breakthrough album Something/Anything?, where he wrote, produced and performed all the songs, including the hits "I Saw The Light" and "Hello It's Me."

    George Harrison started producing the Straight Up album but turned it over to Rundgren when he decided to organize the benefit Concert for Bangladesh, which Badfinger played as part of Harrison's backing band. Harrison produced the album's other hit, "Day After Day."
  • The last US Top 40 hit for Badfinger, this song marked the beginning of a devastating decline for the band. They were signed to The Beatles' Apple Records - Straight Up was their third album on the label and featured contributions from George Harrison. With "Baby Blue" and "Day After Day" getting a steady stream of airplay and Beatles comparisons, they toured twice in 1972 to packed houses.

    All was not well behind the scenes, however, as Apple Records was on shaky ground. Badfinger recorded their fourth album, but their negotiations with Apple got snarled and a lawsuit prevented its release. These legal entanglements kept Badfinger from touring or recording while they were at the peak of their powers, and also drained them financially. In 1973, they signed to Warner Brothers and recorded their fifth album. Nearly two years after Straight Up hit the racks, Apple finally issued Badfinger's fourth album, titled Ass, in the US in November of that year. Their self-titled Warners album came out in February 1974.

    By this time, the band's sound had fallen out of favor, and both albums underperformed. With their legal and financial problems becoming even more burdensome, Pete Ham hanged himself in 1975. His suicide note made it clear that the business dealings were his undoing; he expressed hopes that his death would serve as a cautionary tale for aspiring musicians. He was 27.
  • "Baby Blue" plays in the last minutes of the final episode of the TV drama Breaking Bad in a scene where the lead character, Walter White, dies in a meth lab. At the start of the series, White is a high school chemistry teacher, but he develops a signature strain of blue meth and finds the drug trade far more profitable and exciting. Throughout the series, he refuses to compromise his work, so his blue meth is his "baby" in that regard.

    The finale aired September 29, 2013, attracting over 10 million views. Downloads and streams of "Baby Blue" spiked right after the episode. By this time, there was only one living member of Badfinger: guitarist Joey Molland.

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  • Joe from 49417Perfect song to die in a meth lab by.
  • Humberto Campos from Recife BrazilRick from Belfast, this magazine Rolling Stone is a great s--t. As somebody still reads that?
  • Dan from Detroit1972 her name was Cathy Lee Scott. 1st love who has, not to this day, nor days yet to come will be replaced. You've heard the phrase...she tore my heart out as well others that "compliment" that saying? Well, even tho' she was 15, & me 17 I could then as now can understand why. Tho' I had a few, very, opportunities to ask her why, I never did. One, I didn't want the truth & two, being kicked in the head again, my equalivant, was painful the first time. I may not, never will forget her, will ALWAYS LOVE HER, in some form, I'm not a glutton for punishment. And, no, we never discussed it. She was the trigger, redicoulious as it sounds, that drove home the point to never trust women, even if I accept all the blame.... it's pointless, & keep a weary eye on everyone else. Jaded, cynical? Why, yes, I am. Thank you very much! It's become a badge of honor. P.S. Listen to all who have had similar happenings. Male or Female. Just let it go. Don't stew in your own juices & try retribution. It's not, very not, worth it. It waste your time, ultimately may get you in a world or hurt & in the end, ain't worth it. Your better than that. So, grin & bear it & just stretch out your legs & move on. You'll be the better for it. Feel better too.
  • Eric from San FranciscoRobert from NJ, I too was at the concert. The greatest honor, I think, is that Pete was chosen to accompany Harrison on Here Comes the Sun. Must have been the greatest professional highlight of his tragically short life.
  • John from Virginia Beach, VaPhil Keaggy does a great cover of the song on his album "Blue".
  • Mike from AustinEvery time I hear this song I think of you, Sarah. I "kept you waiting there too long my love".
  • Terry from Nashville, TnHi everyone I'm kind of late posting, but just wanted to say that Baby Blue was and still is my favorite song of all time. I remember that I was in the 9th grade and had a crush on this girl that still to this day I remember her name lol. She never knew me personally. Anyhow, this was my first 45 record purchase ever when I was in the 9th grade and must have played it over and over till I wore the record out, wish I still had it for my keepsake. I thank who ever made the decision to play it at the end of one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhOne week after the series finale of Breaking Bad, I looked up Badfinger on and see that their album "The Very Best of Badfinger" is the #1 best selling album in the pop oldies category and #3 in the soft rock category.
  • Steve from San Jose, CaI agree with you Michele. I thought I recognized it. Badfinger changed the lyrics but it is the same song.
  • Robert from Monroe Twp, NjBadfinger was part of the backup band at The Concert for Bangladesh at MSG in 1971, which I attended. George appreciated them for their harmonies and melodic guitars. With George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Ringo and Leon Russell it was one of the highlights of my concert experience. We were hoping John and Paul would show but suffice it to say, it was still an amazing show. It was Dylan's first live appearance in a few years after his motorcycle accident and besides duets with George he played some of his old stuff which was great. I was blown away hearing Baby Blue come on at the end of Breaking Bad, as it seems like it was written for the show.
  • Matt from Pittsburgh, PaBreaking Bad did Badfinger a favor as this song will be just as popular as "Don't Stop Believin" was after the Sopranos. Baby Blue was the perfect ending for a perfect show.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhAll you Badfinger fans, rejoice. On the evening of September 29, 2013, "Baby Blue" was used to wrap up the final scene of perhaps the best TV show ever written: Breaking Bad. In doing so, countless people who never heard it before will no doubt become fans of the tune and be introduced to Badfinger; the rest of us who've always loved it can enjoy its resurgence. Indeed, when I woke the next day, not surprisingly, "Baby Blue" was the #1 viewed song on Songfacts.
  • Thepipe from Chicago, IlI've always loved this song and Badfinger. Every time I listen to "Baby Blue" though, I can't help noticing a curious "thunk" at about the 2:25 mark. It's after the 2nd bar of the guitar solo and sounds like something gets bumped against the control room glass. You'd think that Tood would've caught this, but if he didn't give his usual 100%, as has been noted, I can understand how it might have slipped by.
  • Michael from Mcfarland, WiThis is my favorite hit song of all time. So much feeling and excellent guitar work here.
  • Dale from Minneapolis, MnI realized that if you rearrange the letters of BADFINGER it spells BAND GRIEF
  • Barry from Sauquoit, Ny
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyIn 1961 a Brooklyn trio by the name of The Echoes released a completely different version of "Baby Blue", it peaked at #12!!! {The opening lyrics were 'B a b b y, b b l u e, your're my baby blue"}
  • Rick from Belfast, MeRolling Stone magazine got it all wrong......Badfingers Baby Blue and No Matter What deserve a better rating than some of the so called rock music of the late 80's and 90's.....Nirvana???..LOL...these songs should of been rated at LEAST in the top 50 of all time!!!!!!
  • Bob from Bremerton, WaActually got to see Badfinger perform live in 1983. I was in school for the Navy in Pensacola, Fl at the time and when I saw they were coming to play at the base for free I was astounded. Not many people in the crowd were even aware of who Badfinger was, until I hummed songs like "Come and get it", and "No matter what". Still consider myself very fortunate to see a live performance.
  • Ed from Omaha, NeThis song struck me right in the heart back in 1971. I was on leave from the Navy when the gal I was dating at the time informed me that she had become involved with another. I went out and bought the 45 and played it until it was no longer able to play. I still love the song
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaThis was written about Pete Ham's American girlfriend at the time, who I believe is from the midwest..Great tune!!
  • Lester from New York City, NyBadfinger. One of the truly tragic rock groups.
  • Mike from Long Island, NyThe song they rcorded under the name The Iveys was called "Maybe Tomorrow"
  • Kim from Toronto, CanadaI first heard the song "Baby Blue" as a child and loved it then..... (along with Come and Get it, Day After Day and No Matter What). I share the opinion that Badfinger is probably the most underated band of all time!! Baby Blue continues to be my favourite song and I was thrilled to see Joey Molland perform these songs in July /07 while on the "Hippifest" tour. He was amazing. There's a petition to have Badfinger inducted to the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame. Please seek and sign this petition. It would be totally awesome to have Badfinger inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and for Joey Molland to receive this honour!
  • Richard from Talladega, AlAimee Mann did a rocking great cover of this that appeared on two CD singles: "I Should've Known" (US) and "Stupid Thing Part One" (UK). It also appeared on the out of print (at this writing, Dec 2007) "Ultimate Collection". It is a version worth hunting down.
  • Mark from Grafton, United StatesThe two albums that Badfinger recorded after leaving Apple for Warners were called "Badfinger" and "Wish You Were Here." They then went back to Apple to record their last album, "Head First," which has just recently been released on CD.
  • Jerianne from Toledo, OhI actually worked with THE "Dixie" at a pharmacy in Perrysburg, Ohio....she became a pharmacist and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever known.....when she first told us that she was the dixie in this song, no one believed her, so she brought in a book, and a bunch of pictures, and yep she was the one......
  • Mark from Twin Cities Metro Area, MnI was in a Chinese restarant about 17 years ago in Minnetonka, Minnestota, waiting for a pickup. There was an older (mid 40's I was about 34 at the time)guy that came in. A few people knew him and said "hi" and talked to him some. He was kinda scruffey looking. Long hair, slight and had a Beatles/Liverpudlian type accent. There was just "something unique" about him. As he left someone said "see ya later Joey".
    I asked the person "who was that". They replied "Joey Molland, the guitar player for Badfinger". I thought "Wow! that's pretty cool" After awhile I thought of all the great Beatlesque songs and guitar work. The big connection with my favorite band, The Fab Four. Right here in Minnesota. I thought "wow he knew the Beatles"!
    A resurected Badfinger played at a big Classid Car thing in the Blackhills featuring Joey.
  • Charles from Charlotte, NcI agree wholeheartedly with George of Ottawa. "Straight Up" is one of my favorite albums, not a bad cut on it. One excellent song that you should listen to is "Name of the Game". Its just great.
  • Stephen from Boston, MaI still get goosebumps when I hear this song. Perfection. I loved it the first time I heard it. Not many songs do that to me.
  • Chuck from C-ville, VaJoey Molland's solo and outro are short, sweet and nothing short of brilliant.

  • Janet from Redwood Valley, CaBaby Blue is one of the sweetest, most sensual love songs ever written...i've loved it since i was in junior high...i'm almost 50 and i still love closest friends call me "baby blue" because i'm from the south (texas) and i'm always playing it...great band...
  • Dave from Portsmouth, NhI remember when Badfinger were called The Iveys, way back when - I first heard "No Matter What under that name...
  • George from Ottawa, CanadaI agree that Badfinger were greatly under-rated.

    Their "Straight Up" album is sensational. NOT a bad cut on it. The album was produced by George Harrison and Todd Rundgren (each did separate songs and did NOT collaborate on any cuts). The good news is that Straight Up is available on CD. It used to be very difficult to find a copy of it. Highly recommended.

    Also, their Greatest Hits CD has several out-takes and previously unreleased versions of some of their best and most inventive songs.

    They released another album on Apple Records called "Ass" but it was not as good as Straight Up as George Harrison did not do any producing and Todd Rundgren did only one or two songs. It contains the songs "Apple of My Eye" (referred in one of the badfinger song comments on this web-site), "Constitution" and "Owl". Constitution was perhaps the best cut on that album - but it pales to anything on Straight Up.

    The group then went to record for Warner Brothers Records where they released at least one album (maybe more). The one that I can recall (by title only) is "Wish You Were Here" - but I never heard even one cut from it: so, I cannot comment - except to say that it did not sell well. That does not mnean that it did not have some quality songs. I just don't know.
  • Shayne from Edmonton, KyWhen I first became a drummer, "Day After Day" and "Baby Blue" were two records I played drums to repeatedly.
  • Shayne from Edmonton, KyDrummer Mike Gibbins has also passed away. Now there is only one Badfinger member left: Joey Molland.
  • Lawrence from Saranac Lake, NyIn referance to the George Harrison question; no, GH did not play the solo on this song. He DID, however, play the solo on "Day After Day" from the same album; I honestly can't remember which song was released first. I love this group; they sure were screwed!
  • Irishcougar from Chicago , IlThis is probably my favorite song of all was without a doubt the first song I ever heard on the radio, as a 7 year-old girl, that I fell in love with and it gave my goosebumps! To this day it moves me and I'm now 42. It's just a perfect song from all angles.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI have no idea Johnny, but this song is great. The guitar solo sounds George Harrison influenced.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaDid George have anything to do with this song? It sounds like a song he might make.
  • Alan from Grande Prairie, Alberta, CanadaGeorge Harrison admits to not spending enough time and or effort into promoting "Badfinger". Many a band are overrated this one is arguably the most underated band of all time. With songs such as "Without You", "Come and Get It" etc. Badfinger's legacy will grow over time. The tragedy is two of their members are gone.
  • Kika from Nyc, Nybadfinger should get more credit, no dice is such a great album, although i feel McCartney had a huge role in it, mind Baby blue isn't on no dice, but this is the only badfinger song on the site, shame...
  • Melissa from Fairborn, OhThis is one of my favorite Badfinger song from the 1971 album Straight Up.
  • John from Fremantle, AustraliaThere are two versions of this song--the one that gets played on the radio in the USA & Australia is the 7" remix (given a provsional release number for the UK, APPLE42, but wasn't released there), which sounds much crisper than the LP version by having reverb applied to the snare on the first verse and middle eight, as well as a broader EQ spectrum to the (slightly earlier) album version which sounds drier and flatter. The remix was done by an ABKCO (Allen Klein) staffer, Al Steckler; do an A/B comparison and hear the difference, amazing. The original mixdown shows a most uncharcteristic sloppiness by well-known perfectionist Todd Rundgren, maybe due to his indifference towards Badfinger (This was done around the time of the epic "Something/Anything?" 2LP). We are all poorer for the loss of both Pete Ham and Tom Evans, both highly talented: Pete for his songwriting prowess and Tom for his soaring vocals. Also, they were the first proponents of power pop, at least equal to if not better than (the more critically-fashionable) Big Star.
  • Dave from Pomeroy, OhBadfinger was very underated
  • Mark from Swansea, WalesBaby blue was written by Pete Ham in 1972 for Dixie, a girl he had met whilst on a US tour. It was re-issued in 1993 on a blue vinyl with day after on the B side.
  • Fred from Lincoln, NeSorry Michelle you have the wrong song. The song we are talking about here is "Baby Blue" written by Pete Ham NOT IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE by Dylan. It is written by Pete Ham about a girl named Dizie from Witchita,Kansas.
  • Michele from Philly, PaWritten by Bob Dylan and first recorded in 1965 on Columbia records, on " Bringing it All Back "Home, It also wsa reocrded by Badfinger, Van Morrison, also with Them ( the film, Basqauit),The Dead,and even as recent as Hole 2000, the movie the Crow), It was said to be written in refrence to Gene vincent whom Dylan was a early influnce by, and whom had written a song "Baby Blue".
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