Day After Day

Album: Straight Up (1971)
Charted: 10 4
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  • Badfinger guitarist Peter Ham wrote this song, which has a pleasing melody but tells the story about a lovelorn guy stuck in his lonely room day after day.

    It was one of a handful of hits for Badfinger, and their highest charting song in America. Their story turned tragic when in 1975, after a dispute with their record label over missing money, Ham committed suicide.
  • George Harrison produced this song and played guitar on it. The year before, members of Badfinger played on Harrison's first solo album, All Things Must Pass. Harrison then started producing Badfinger's Straight Up album, but midway through got sidetracked organizing the Concert for Bangla Desh, which Badfinger played as part of his backing band. Todd Rundgren was brought in to finish the album.
  • This sounds a lot like The Beatles, leading to inevitable comparisons, especially since the bands were associated. Badfinger was one of the first bands to sign with The Beatles' label, Apple Records. As a result, they got to know the group quite well and picked up on their sound.

    Apple seemed like a good place to hitch their wagon, but it ended up being disastrous. The Straight Up album did very well thanks to "Day After Day" and "Baby Blue," but Apple was in such disarray that Badfinger had to leave the label soon after. They recorded one more album for Apple before signing with Warner Bros., and ended up in disputes with both labels that froze their finances in 1975 and kept them from recording. Badfinger (and their management) made some very poor business decisions that contributed to their downfall. Much of their strategy involved funneling their money through a corporation in an effort to avoid taxes, but that left with no idea what was going on and no way to trace it.
  • This song appeared on the Fox television show The Simpsons, in the episode "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" (Episode 9, Season 19) in which Homer tries to recollect events that happened from the night before. It had a very high rating on Fox, and is considered by fans to be as good as the original seasons episodes. >>
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    Logan - Troy, MT
  • This song got the strings-and-flute treatment when Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull teamed up with guitarist Terry Reid and the Manchester String Quartet for a new version of the song in 2020. "Like many of my contemporaries, I remember 'The New Beatles,' as Badfinger were unfortunately dubbed by the UK press," Anderson said. "Great production by George Harrison. This version is brought to life here by the Manchester String Quartet, alumni of the Northern Royal College Of Music. I tried to find a few harmonies and simple counterpoints to interject into their splendid performance. For me, an elegant and nostalgic experience."

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  • Seventh Mist from 7th HeavenInteresting contributions regarding this song. I had never thought of it being about the impending arrival of a baby.

    Diane: Agreed, that little keyboard riff always brings Diamond's "America" to mind.
  • Henry from UsI just listened to "Day After Day" after not hearing it for years. If that's not Paul McCartney lead singing this song, I can't believe how its not. Did Paul do a cut of this song. "Come and Get it" comes to mind. To re-start a psuedo "Paul's dead" rumor, I think the sad Pete Ham story of his suicide due to money issues with his record company (Apple)...I'm just speculating that Pete Ham may never have truly existed and Paul was aka Pete. Call me wouldn't be the first.
  • Tom from Madison,wiIs it just me or is it really Christine McVie adding backing vocals on this song? Does anyone know?
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 30th 1972, "Day After Day" by Badfinger peaked at #4 (for 1 week) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the chart on November 28th, 1971 and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100 (for 4 of those 14 weeks it was on the Top 10)...
    It reached #2 on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart...
    Was the group's third of three straight records to make the Top 10; starting with "Come and Get It" (#7), "No Matter What" (#8), and finally this one (was also their last Top 10 record).
  • Brian from Edinburg, VaWhen I was an oldies R&R DJ, I heard a second-hand story about this recording. George Harrison asked Leon Russell to add the piano accompaniment. They played the tracks that had already been laid down, as Leon sat in the studio by himself. After listening to it once, he sat at the piano with his eyes closed. George thought he had fallen asleep and said Leon's name a couple of times over the speaker. Leon held his hand up and then a moment later told them he was ready and to roll tape. He played the part in one take. Don't know if it's true, but a cool story.
  • Kat from Adelaide, AustraliaJust a beautiful song, and I think an optimistic one too. It's about a man thinking about the birth of his daughter. I have two little girls, and I play and sing this to them on the piano!
  • Diane from Providence, RiThe little piano figure between the chorus and some of the versus always reminded me of the synthesizer figure at the beginning of "America" by Neil Diamond. I always felt it was a little misplaced in this song...or it seemed misplaced. I came to realize that the oddness of it added to the song and made the simple collection of notes stand out and hold their own ground.
  • Patricia from Manchester, CtAgree that "Day After Day" is the best song ever, followed by Badfinger's "Baby Blue" and George Harrison's "What Is Life". "Day After Day" was our wedding song.
  • Joe from Chicago, IlMy first ever rock concert ever was Badfinger and the Raspberries in Chicago at the Aragon Theatre in 1972 when Straight Up was just released...
    Badfingers performance has left an enduring love for the band...and for those days....RIP Pete and Tom
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationBadfinger's Joey Molland spoke of what a solid contributor Harrison was in the studio when producing the band's 1971 Straight Up album -- and their Top 10 hit, "Day After Day": "Y'know, the ideas he had were ideas that we liked, so it wasn't difficult to get in line with him. He wasn't afraid to pick up the guitar, George, and work on it himself, y'know -- right with you, right there in the studio."
  • Robert from Georgetown, ScJust so relaxing and pure. They will never make music like this again!!
  • Wayne from New Haven, CtGreat Tune! I still remember when it first came out. I was in High School. I had to get the album. Like everyone agrees, not a bad song on the fillers!
    Suitcase is a great one... How was it, SIDE (1) Produced by George Harrison and SIDE (2) By Todd Rudgren.
    And the Slide guitars are both George & Pete. At first I thought it was just George because that's George's style...
    I still enjoy their music today!
  • Crazyc63312 from Pittsburgh, PaYep-Never heard it, but it SEEMS like it's Beatles-ish(From 'Fool On The Hill', 'DAY AFTER DAY, Alone on a hill')!!!
  • Bret from Chicago, IlBadfinger was not just one of the first bands to sign with Apple, they WERE the first band INVITED by the Beatles to sign with them. Badfinger always said that one of the major bands that influenced them was the Beatles, like most people they loved the Beatles too.

    They came from an area south of Wales and were playing live when the Beatles were breaking through in the early 60s. They were influenced but they were certainly not a cover band, in fact if the Beatles had not ocured you could quite rightly suggest that Badfinger would have been the Beatles - if Lennon and McCartney would have killed themselves.

    The demise of Badfinger was not by talent, but by an industry criminal business manager named Polly. He stole every cent that the band ever made, every amazing song they created made them nothing. Badfinger is the REAL story of Rock 'N' Roll.

  • John from Grand Island, NySheer perfection in every aspect. The Beatles (George Harrison especially) saw the talent in this band. Tragic story, possibly the saddest in rock history.
  • Christopher L. from Fort Worth, TxI love this song so much that I can't go a day without hearing it. I feel such emotion when i play "day after day" that I have to be alone for awhile. It is without a doubt my favorite song on the entire planet and I wish Peter Ham were still with us so I could tell him how he has touched my soul with this song.... Rest in peace my friend.
  • Michael from Howell, MiYeah.....if your a beatles fan this is all covered
    During your first semester of Beatles 101.
    At least the tragic story of pete/tom and
    Mal Evans("....are YOU 21 amp?")

    Mal getting gunned down in LA.....sad.
  • Renee from Bloomington, MnJust finished reading the biography of the band written by Dan Matovina. I think it is too bad that some incredibly bad management contributed to the deaths of Tom and Pete. For a long time, the songwriting for Without You was credited to all members of the band instead of just Tom and Pete. This has been corrected according to info on ASCAP. I think Without You is a beautiful song and I personally think Badfinger's version is haunting and heartwrenching. And every time I listen to Day After Day, it gets better each listen.
  • Wayne from Crockett, TxGeorge Harrison requested Leon Russell to play piano and accompany his slide guitar on the Badfinger album Straight Up.
  • Scott from Carpentersville, IlI'm not sure about Leon playing piano, but in 1982 I saw Badfinger at the Thirsty Whale in Shiller Park Illinois, and after the show, my brother and I hung out with Tom Evans and Mike Gibbons for about 2-3 hours, talking and drinking and discussing badfinger/Iveys history, which was like a dream coming true to talk with two of my musical hereos, and Tom told me that the slide solo in Day after cDay was actually Pete and George playing in unison and Tom said that Pete rehearsed that solo for 2 weeks before performing it with George in the studio for the recording session. An endearing inside story I thought. George produced about a half of the album Straight Up and Todd Rundgren produced the rest. They seemed to like Todds production better but said that he was kind of an arrogant a--hole. A few years later I met Joey Molland and he said he couldnt stand Todd, but I bet it was because Joey's songs were more inferior to Tom and Petes songs and Todd probably told him so.Because face it, Joeys vocals were no compare to the vocal and writing talents of Pete and Tom.
    -Scott,Carpentersville, Illinois
  • Jeff from Cleveland, OhCan someone tell me if the lead was sung by two different members? The new Kevin GarnettBoston Celtic commercial uses this song and the lead singer on the commercial sounds different than the one singing on the re-recorded version I downloaded from i-tunes.

    Song is awesome. Thanks.
  • Logan from Troy, MtThis song is one my mother sang for me as I was being conceived, so I hold this song close to me, since it's not only about a song of love (To either a girlfriend or boyfriend or a baby.) but it's also one of my favorite songs.
  • Chris from Pitman, NjI believe this song is about expecting a child.
  • Neil from Coconut Creek , FlOne of the most outstanding and timeless arrangements of words, feeling and music. Yes, the docu on VH1 was well done and quite accurate sending the viewer back in time to a better era of music. If you felt sad watching Behind the Music then you have a heart for music and the band. Badfinger is all summed up in the song "Apple Of My Eye" Long live all of the best rock music of the 70's
  • Duane from Wheatfield, InLove this song. Hate their original "Without You" though.
  • Janet from Dover, NhI saw the "Behind the Music" on Badfinger a while back with much interest because their hits from the 70s brings me back to my High school/Junior high school days! The show was sad, though, because both Ham and Evans ended up cimmitting suicide.

    Jan, Dover, NH
  • Pete from Ny, NyIt doesn't get nuch better than this. Beautiful song.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaWow, this does sound like the Beatles. That's why it so good. Steve, don't worry, nobody cares on this site.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScWow I love this song. I think it's my favorite by them.
  • Matt from Saugus, MaWell it's not surprising they got their name from a Beatles' working title. McCartney was the one who suggested the name change to begin with.
  • Sam from West Covina, CaBadfinger Boogie is where they got the name from.
  • Steve from Salt Lake City, UtIf you get some of their comps that go beyond the hit's,you wont be dissapointed!
    Now go find one!
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InI've always enjoyed this song and like these guys in general. Maybe not as big as the Beatles, but they put out some great tunes!!
  • Thomas from Vancouver, CanadaHere's something interesting; The original title listed on the EMI session tracking log refers to "With a Little Help From My Friends"(Sgt.Pepper)as
    "Badfinger Boogie". This was in 1967, before the "Iveys" were signed to Apple.
  • Jo from Perth, AustraliaI agree with Steve. This is the best song ever.
  • Steve from Beaumont, TxI know it's song *facts*, but IMHO this is the best damn song ever. Period.
  • Deana from Indianapolis, InAlthough Badfinger was intended to be anothe "Beatles" after the Beatles began to take their music down a less mainstream path, and through a Beatles cover or two, I believe this song established Badfinger as a band on their own
  • Robert from Topeka, KsI wish I could have seen the "Behind the Music" special on Badfinger a couple of years ago on VH1 but they don't repeat it.
  • Charles from Charlotte, NcBadfinger began their career as "The Iveys".

    In addition to Ham, another member of the band later commited suicide (might have been Evans).

    Badfinger wrote and originally recorded "Without You" which Harry Nilsson took to Number 1 in 1972.
  • Jeff from Boston, MaLeon Russell played the piano on the song.
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