Every Morning

Album: Bass Generation (2009)
Charted: 17
  • This is the first single from Swedish dance act Jonas Altberg, aka Basshunter's, fifth studio album, Bass Generation.
  • This song's use of guitar is a little different to Altberg's usual Eurodance sound. He told Digital Spy: "I don't want to change my music, but I like to play around with my style of music. I've always been a big fan of guitars. The beats are still quite hard and the riffs are still Basshunter, but I wanted to do something special."
  • Lyrically this is based on a true story. Altberg explained to Digital Spy: "It's based on me dating a girl who I thought was the one, but it didn't work out. I woke up one morning and she was doing something in the kitchen and then came through with a cup of coffee for me. I just went, 'Wow! I have to write a song now!'"
  • The song's music video was filmed on location in Majorca. It follows on from Altberg's previous clips with the continuing story based around the fictional relationship between him and porn star Aylar Lee. He told Digital Spy: "The director came up with the idea of a dramatic ending. It features the same sort of story as my other videos, but the old ones always ended obviously and kind of happy. So the director said, 'Why don't we kill off Aylar?'. I said, 'OK, that's quite dramatic'. So he explained: 'No, we'll do it so nobody's sure what happened and whether she's dead or alive'. That sounded like a great idea to me, so we did it."


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