Another Place

Album: Doom Days (2019)
  • This tender look at a casual one-night stand was one of the last songs Bastille frontman Dan Smith wrote for Doom Days. The album is a concept record that takes place over the course of one night; this song takes place after a party during which the singer hooks up with a girl. Both of them are aware it's just a one-off and are unlikely to ever meet again.

    Don't paint wonderful lies on me that wash away
    We only ever wanted one thing from this
    Oh, in another place
    In another time, what could we have been?

    Smith explained to Billboard that he set out to write a positive song about a fleeting sexual get-together. "There's a lot of songs about the kind of darker side of hedonism and of mindless late night encounters with people, and I wanted to write something that felt as warm and positive as it can and hopefully should be," he explained.
  • Bastille released a remix of "Another Place" with additional vocals from Alessia Cara on November 1, 2019. The new version came after the Canadian singer joined the band stage on stage during their September 20, 2019 concert in her hometown of Toronto. "I'd always heard 'Another Place' as a duet and wanted it to be a story told from two perspectives," Smith said.


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