This Body
by Baum

Album: Ungodly EP (2018)


  • On this song, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter Baum (Sabrina Teitelbaum) takes a shot at men who make lewd comments in her direction, something that happens to her quite often. In a Songfacts interview, she said: "One day I was catcalled, and I get catcalled all the time, like a dozen times every day, but this one day I wrote a song about it basically in response to being catcalled, and then generally as a statement about how I'm treated as a woman and the things I would like to say to myself when I feel affected by that."
  • Baum considers this a female empowerment song, and has heard from women who relate to it. "I've gotten really kind responses," she said. "We were playing in Denver and there were some people who said, 'That made me feel so good. This body is my body and I have to respect myself and love myself.' That's the thing that means the most: when people react that way."


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