by Beck

Album: Guero (2005)
Charted: 45 100


  • This song has a catchy tune, but the lyrics are very dark: the first verse has diamond rings, the sun and a beach, but it turns out the diamond ring isn't real, the sun has a noose on it, and there are bones on the beach.
  • Beck: "Originally, the lyrics to Girl were really upbeat, and then it didn't work for me somehow. You need the dichotomy. If you're doing something happy and light, you need the shadows. That was something that the Pixies did so well. Frank Black is a genius at these happy songs, and then you listen to the lyrics and they're based on (Spanish film director Luis) Bunuel films of cows' eyes getting cut." He's referring to the Pixies song Debaser." >>
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    Diane - Cedar Grove, NJ, for above 2
  • In the chorus, Beck sings, "My ---- girl." In the CD booklet, he deliberately leaves out this word. Most think he sings "My sun-eyed girl." But in live performances, one can hear him sing, "My cyanide girl." >>
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    Rob - Patchogue, NY

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  • Hunter from Otago, New ZealandI love this song. i did not pay attention to the lyrics but it doesn't ruin it for me
  • John from TexasI always sing my summer girl referring to a lifeguard I met that looked like a pretty girl but was a boy.
  • Marianne from La JollaI sing 'hey, my sonar girl' cause they'll have to use sonar detection to find her body after the murderer dumps it - bleek.
  • Will from Knoxville, WaSome people think he is saying, "Maizena girl"
    (spanish for flour)
  • Sven from Huntington Beach, CaThe best thing about this song is listening to the sliding of the guitar strings. Once you do, it's all you hear every time you listen to the song after.
  • Cornflakes from Bfe, TnHe doesn't care about "making a comeback." Beck enjoys his cult following, his popularity on the fringe. It means that his fans are true fans, not teenyboppers who listen to whatever the Top 40 radio tells them to buy.
  • The Last Dj from Hell.a., CaGood song...A better cut off this album is "Go It Alone." An awesome simple riff.
  • Gary from San Antonio, TxI agree. VERY troubled lyrics. I have this CD and if you listen to the whole thing all the way through, it plays like a story. "Girl" is the deed. You can listen to the lead in to it on the songs before and the rest of the CD is about the getaway. Creepy album but oh so good!
  • Sangeeta from Bombay, IndiaHmm, isn't it "cyanide" instead of "sun-eyed"? Both, the liner notes, as well as the lyrics on print it as "my...girl", which points to the fact that the word is deleted to avoid offense.
  • Justin from Green Bay, Wigreat song from a great album. i bougth the cd first day it came out. beck has his own style of music and songwriting, that is something hard to find these days in music. i like the quote atop from beck that every uplifting song needs shadows. taking that mentality into songwriting is what makes beck original. he can make a song that will be played over and over because it is catchy, yet, there are many thought provoking lyrics once you dig into the song.
  • Echo from Normalville, Maadd this to the list of songs to play going fast in a convertible on a sunny day. (Even if the words are dark...)
    go Beck! Go Pixies!
  • Cassie from Overland Park, KsI love Beck
  • Heather from Truckee, CaI agree with Alex and Sammy. I always thought that it had a serial-killer vibe. Like some crazy guy was stalking a young female teenager and fantasizing about ways to "make her mine."
  • Racine from Truro, MaI met Al Jaffee (the guy from Mad who does the fold-ins which this video paid tribute to). He showed me the copy of the video that Beck's company sent him. I even got to see the fold-in he was currently working on.
  • Laine from Detroit, MiBeck is good. He knows how to use symbolism, which frankly sometimes no one understands. This is a good song.
  • Alex from Philadelphia, PaI think this song is about stalking a little girl-
    A fist pounding on a vending machine

    Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger
    Toy diamond from one of those plastic toy machines that you see outside of Best Buy and stuff... That's my opinion.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScDude! D
    on't hate a song becuase it's overplayed. Even good songs are overplayed like "Stairway To Heaven".
  • Priscilla from Reading, PaAre you kidding? Do you realize the degree of crap Green Day is? Beck has amazing lyrics. This song is played a lot but hating a song soley for the fact it's played a lot is lame. It has a good tune, good lyrics, very good song.
  • Whitney from Hazelhurst, GaBeck's song Loser is awesome! I recomend it for Green Day lovers!
  • Sumner from Paragould, AkIn my opinion, Beck doesn't have to make a comeback. Hes been popular for a while now. Maybe not the most popular artist, but certainly an indie legend.
  • Sammy from New York, NyThis song grew on me after I saw the video & heard the lyrics. I really think the darker lyrics make the song more interesting. So it's not just some catchy summer tune; no Beck song would be so simple. To me, it has a stalker-type feel; "I know I'm gonna catch her eye, nothing that I wouldn't try." I'm curious to hear other opinions about this song. Heeeeeyyyy, my sun-eyed girrrll
  • Stephen from South Charleston, WvI have no clue why Beck Hanson thinks he can make a comeback after about 5 years.
  • Chris from Andover, Mn, MnI'm a fan of Beck, but I frankly hate this song. It's very overplayed on TV, I sware, it's played every 10 minutes.
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