by Beck

Album: Morning Phase (2014)
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  • This track sets Morning Phase's dreamy mood, with Beck intoning, "Woke up this morning. From a long night in the storm." The album has a specific theme with all 12 songs are set in dawn's early light, the start of a day when a things can falter or start afresh. "It's not heavy-handed, but it's in there," Beck told Rolling Stone of the concept.

    "There's this feeling of tumult and uncertainty, getting through that long, dark night of the soul – whatever you want to call it," he added, cracking a laugh. "These songs were about coming out of that – how things do get better."
  • Beck discussed the album title with Uncut magazine: "The album is called Morning Phase, but I suppose there was that double meaning there, 'mourning.' When I'm trying to come up with a title that sums up a group of songs, honestly, I'm just looking for something that doesn't make me cringe – or doesn't make me cringe too much," he said. "These songs, they're personal, their simple in that way."

    "A lot of them referenced the morning, or the mourning of something," he continued. "And I kept thinking about this word 'phase.' Those two words came together, and really it felt like the closest approximation of the sound was going for."
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  • Hunter from Otago, New ZealandI don't get why no one else has commented on this amazing song. Love it!
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