Young Man's Game


  • Ben Watt, who is the male half of Everything But the Girl, has been an established presence on London's Deep House circuit as a DJ since 1998. This song finds him coming reluctantly to terms with the fact that, at 51, he's become a bit too long in the tooth to spin club tunes all night long. He explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "The dance floor never seems to age, but you do. It's never difficult to party one last time, it's the recovery that's hard."

    "At times, I was playing three different countries over one weekend and I didn't want to fake it anymore," he continued. "It was a more honorable, graceful thing to withdraw. Even if I thought I had something left to offer musically, I couldn't give of myself completely because I wasn't enjoying the experience as much as I used to."

    "Ironically, when I played the song to (producer) Ewan (Pearson), he's 10 years younger than me and he recognized himself in it," Watt added. "If he's feeling that way, imagine how I feel."


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