Into The Night

Album: Never Run, Never Hide (1980)
Charted: 11
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  • With the opening line, "She's just 16 years old, leave her alone, they said," we understand if you think this song sounds a little statutory. Benny Mardones told Songfacts that the 16-year-old girl he's singing about was named Heidi, and she lived in his apartment in Spanish Harlem. Their relationship was purely platonic, however, as Benny looked after Heidi and her family after her father left. Benny would pay her $50 a week to walk his basset hound, Zanky.
  • Mardones wrote this song with Robert Tepper, who would later write the song "No Easy Way Out" for the movie Rocky IV. Benny told Songfacts: "One night Robert Tepper and I were up writing songs. It was about a week before we were leaving for Miami to cut the first big album, which was Never Run, Never Hide. We thought that we already had the hit song, so did Polydor Records. It was a song called 'Might Have Been Love.' But at the last minute we're sitting there one night at my apartment trying to write. Bobby kept playing the chord changes and we tried 18 melodies and 30 kinds of lyrics and all of a sudden the key in the door turned and I said, 'Oh my God, it's daylight.' Because we liked to keep the blinds down.

    And in she walks, 16 years old, dressed for school in a miniskirt, little stacked heels, adorable, 16-going-on-21. She said, 'You've been up all night?' and of course it was obvious. I said, 'Yeah, we have.' She says, 'Okay, come on, Zanky,' and she walks the dog out. When she leaves and goes out the door, my partner goes, 'Oh, my God.' I said, 'Hey, Bob. She's just 16 years old, leave her alone.' And literally five minutes later I said, 'Play that lick again, Bobby.' So he played the lick and I went (singing), 'she's just 16 years old, leave her alone, they say.' Then I thought about her dad and what he had done, and that's where I got (singing), 'Separated by fools who don't know what love is yet.' The chorus was, 'you're too young for me, but if I could fly, I'd pick you up and take you into the night and show you love like you've never seen.' Then the verse 'It's like having it all and letting it show. It's like having a dream where nobody has a heart. It's like having it all and watching it fall apart.' Because his success was not the family's success; it was just his. 'I can't measure my love there's nothing compared to it' - it was all about the abandonment of this family and this 16-year-old girl."
  • While the song has stuck like glue to radio playlists, when it first came out, radio stations had some concerns. Benny explains: "When it first was released, R&B stations all over America thought I was black. Then they found out I was white and they dropped the record. White radio was afraid to touch it because they thought it was about me dating a 16-year-old girl at my age. So Polydor Records sent out like 3,000 letters to radio stations across the country explaining what the song was really about. And the song got added and almost instantly started playing all over America."
  • When this song became a hit, Benny Mardones suddenly found himself with a great deal of money and fame, which he didn't handle very well. He developed a cocaine addiction and got in the habit of drinking a bottle of whiskey every night. He recorded the album Too Much To Lose the next year, but when it came time to tour and promote it, he was in Miami, wasted out of his mind. His momentum was stopped cold and his record company, Polydor, lost interest. He continued his descent until 1985, when his son Michael was born and he stopped using drugs. His best friend pulled him together and flew him to Syracuse, where Benny started a new life away from the temptations of Miami. The only white stuff he saw was snow - and plenty of it. Benny became a local celebrity, met various women who helped raise his son (Michael's mom was in worse shape than Benny), and was a big concert draw in the area for the next 10 years.
  • In 1989, "Into The Night" was re-released after a "Where Are They Now?" feature on the Arizona radio station KZZP, which led to renewed interest in the song. The influential program director Scott Shannon added it to his playlist in Los Angeles, and radio stations across the country followed suit. A new version of the song was released, and this time it hit #20 in the US. The song was the only one to chart twice in the '80s by the same artist with the same version of the song.
  • Usher interpolated this song on the track "Making Love (Into the Night)" from his 2010 album Raymond v. Raymond.
  • This plays in the 2009 Breaking Bad episode "Down" in a scene where the main characters meet in a convenience store. The song also shows up in the movies Satin (2011), Life After Beth (2014), Get Hard (2015) and Nerve (2016).

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  • Dave from KentuckyBenny was a pro. A pro never lets emotion get in the way of the job. He had normal sexual hormones, and he used that to creat, as far as im concerned, the greatest combination of vocals and lyrics that has ever been written. It would take an idiot to destroy such a promising opportunity for a few minutes of pleasure. Think what you will, but any normal person has the same desires. It also takes a normal person not to act on them. I like to think the best of people. If i were a prying person, i would believe the only other person that would know.
  • Anon M Mouse from California$50 bucks a week to “walk his dog.” That’s what we used to call it, too!
  • Kevro64 from Billings, MtCheck your accuracy, UB40 charted twice in 82 and 89 with Red, Red Wine. KZZP also rebooted this hit. It was a great station back in the day
  • Yea Right from NyFrom the beginning of the video, you have to be on drugs to buy his story ... This is obvious from his mannerisms and thumb pointing then his creepo outside window stalk/singing her ... Yes it was a bit creepy then but it's alot more now haha not buying that story Benny ... But excellent try
  • Mollie J Moreno from ArizonaAt the end of the video, he is making out with the 16 yo, Heidi??
    For some reason I'm thinking, Benny may have flipped the script. Watch this video carefully
  • SandmanObviously none of you defending this song ever watched the entire video showing a 30+yr old Benny making out with the 16 yr old girl. It’s like you don’t get what “changing the narrative” means. He got backlash and made up a story.
  • TailsrulesGreat song. Although anyone who wishes to cover it may want to modify the age by four years to due to change in times.
  • Melanie from San Antonio TexasThis song isn't about Bennie. It was someone he knew that made a remark about a younger girl and he wrote about that. Best to zip it if you have no clue what you're talking about.
  • Joseph from UtahSay all you want, if it was as pure as he claimed, why is he kissing the 16 year old at the end of the video
  • Ladybug from UsaI dated a Man when I was 16 and he 31, he was my first love and my first broken-hearted, I don’t regret what we lived together and I know girls at 16 know what they are doing, and yes I might not be a legal consent age for a girl to have sex with an older men and fall in love, but things happen. I don’t see my ex as a Pedo, but some would, he showed me love I never imagined and also pain, he was my leason to learn. Benny, well maybe he was a pedo or not, but I can say there’s plenty of these starting with the Muslims and Latin Americans.
  • Raeanne75 from Columbus OhioOmg ive read some of these comments, and some of y'all are way too sensitive. You have a fit about this song but have you heard the lyrics of some songs today? They do nothing but promote sex, drug dealing, and murder. But yall pick this song to go into an uproar about. Smh
  • Didi from Savage, MdI don't care how much the writers spun what this song is about, this is a song about an older man who is lusting after a 16 year-old. The story they've spun doesn't make sense when you contrast the lyrics, in addition to the video.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyPer:
    Benny Mardones passed away on June 29th, 2020 at his home in Menifee, California. He was 73 years old...
    He died from complications of Parkinson’s disease. In addition to his wife Jane, Benny is survived by his son Michael and sister Louise. Benny was born Ruben Armand Mardones in Cleveland, Ohio on November 9,1946, and his father, Ruben Mardones, Sr., was from Santiago, Chile...
    On August 31st, 1980 "Into The Night" peaked at #11* {for 2 weeks} on Billboard's Top 100 chart, and it spent twenty weeks on the Top 100...
    May he R.I.P.
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the ten records that kept "Into The Night" out of the Top 10 the week it peak at #11:
    At #1. "Upside Down" by Diana Ross
    #2. "Sailing" by Christopher Cross
    #3. "Emotional Rescue" by The Rolling Stones
    #4. "All Out of Love" by Air Supply
    #5. "Fame" by Irene Cara
    #6. "Magic" by Olivia Newton-John
    #7. "Give Me The Night" by George Benson
    #8. "Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part 1)" by The S.O.S. Band
    #9. "Late In The Evening" by Paul Simon
    #10. "Lookin' for Love" by Johnny Lee
  • Ally Craft from 47170He wasnt a pedophile he simply helped this family after her dad walked out on them he payed her to walk his dog as he explained about the lyrics. He was a beautiful man who had a good heart not a creepy creep.
  • AnonymousThis song is a written on a young man who was older and had a crush on a sixteen years old. The lyrics was explain by Benny and who didn't have a secret crush.
  • Tony S. from La Crosse Pure poetry, of course in today's overly sensitive society some would have an issue with even just lyrics. If you can get past yourself then you wont miss the power of feeling and most important how he sang this song. RIP Benny
  • Donna B from Dallas TexasABSOLUTELY SICK song. Cannot believe all the excuses. This IS a song about pedophilia. No 2 ways about it. The lyrics AND the video prove it. I do NOT care how many of you swooned to this song because you were i high school at the time and in some forbidden relationship. Imagine all the pervs that it roused. Imagine all the times it provoked a molester to go and kidnap new prey. Imagine how many times some wastebag was playing it while abusing a child. And as for the song being so beautiful, it was just OK. It sounds creepy and sad. The guy strains at the end, losing vocal control. And why did he RECORD this song so many times? But that is how pedophiles are...obsessed. The song just seems like a theme song and calling card for pedophiles. Cringe each time I gear it and wonder why this got past censors and has been allowed to play on radio stations across the country. Oh righ I remember; because we have so many pedophiles running Hollywood.
  • Sondra Mardones Greenleaf {aka} Sam from Las VegasOmG people its a flipping song. I agree the video is creepy and who ever wrote it should be shot. He took a beautiful song that was written out of love for a friend and made it creepy. Heidi till this day is one of my closet friends, she help bring Bennys and my son into the world. up until now she has remained quiet. She could not believe people would be so twisted. She is disgusted and hurt that anyone would believe Benny was a pedophile. I have known Benny for almost 40 years he is Michael Everetts father. Though Benny completely lied about him being a single father and raising our son by his self. He totally discredit not only his Grandparents and his little brother and he made me look like some crack head. I never walked away from my son he has always lived with me. I tried to give Michael the best of both worlds I made so easy for Benny to see his son. I dont understand why Benny chose to tell that story, because its all bulls--t from him leaving New York city with three garbage bags to him being a single father. Even the story he told about Heidi. but I will let Heidi speak for herself. Yes I was furious at Benny when someone pointed this interview out to me, I am still mad about it and so is my son. But I refuse to let Benny leave this earth with people thinking Benny was some kind of pervert. Benny has a bigger heart than you can ever imagine, the things he has done for people, complete strangers. i could tell you stories for days. I am here to tell though Benny may embellish the truth and in this case down right lie. He is No Pedophile by any means. i put that on my life. You will soon hear from Heidi herself and she will put these disgusting rumors to rest. It breaks all of our hearts to read some of this comments. Anyone who knows Benny knows what a good person he is and what a great singer and song writer he is. The rumors of him being a sick twisted pervert, are so far from the truth. They took a very loving song and spun it into a sick perverted lie. Stay tuned you will soon hear from Heidi herself. She wants to clear Bennys name as well as her own.
  • Grace from Chicago,il.Benny himself explains what/whom he wrote this song about:
  • Yolanda Martinez from Abq., New Mexico How is Benny doing today, fighting Parkinson’s disease? Praying for Benny & his family. God bless you Benny.
  • Coconut from Australiahes a dirty old man just hope that heidi got away from him after this song was released
  • Cc from Los AngelesGreat voice...but now that I’m an adult and fully understand the lyrics it’s completely disgusting. Whatever the “explanation” of his song is does not matter. The lyrics speak for themselves. How can it be more explicitly that the opening lyric, “she’s just 16 years old/leave her alone/they saaaaay”? Like the song all you want but don’t pretend this isn’t at least statutory. Cmon.
  • Glen Sites from Southaven.mississippijust love this song....amazing sexy.
  • Mark James Berndt from Skokie, IllinoisI’ve Benny’s bio numerous times. The songs he writes tell me who he is. More people should realize what a thoughtful person Benny is. Wish I knew what ever happened to Heidi, and her brother and sister! At this point of my life. I’d love to meet a lot of people. I would have loved to meet Benny. I am 69 years old now. Retired from law enforcement. What Benny did for that young lady is inspiring. Love ta see you! Mark...
  • Yvonne from TexasHaving known Benny for 40+ years, I can say, without hesitation, that he is NOT a pedophile and Somp of FL has their facts wrong. What was said is slanderous and libel, not to mention hurtful to those who love Benny.
  • Ash from MississippiA lot of you guys are missing the point of the song, its not as creepy as you might think, people write songs from perspectives not their own or from their past, their childhood, and another bazillion other random things. Do you think Tupac was really out shooting at the police? its art, that's all.

    We've all been there our late high school years, the relationships we had, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between 18 and 16 except some specific date that was picked as an age that separated children from adults. I had a girlfriend who was 16, I was 19, you think ohhhh... bad, not true, especially when your girlfriend already had a baby before you were dating her lmao.

    The point being is these memories and feelings will stay with you forever, even when you are in your 30s and are telling your daughters or friends daughters, nieces and such to not date older guys "your just 16 years old, stay away from him" lol. the point is that you will still remember the time when you were young and the feelings and memories from your childhood do not change and aside from the explanations given for the meaning of the song and the video naturally having him in it instead of a younger actor is not that crazy, just take the video and replace him with someone who's 18 or 19 and its not so creepy.

    This song came out when i was like 2 and then again when i was 10 i have loved the song as far back as i can remember. and now at 40 the song is still a beautiful "monster ballad". his explanations true or not, what happened doesn't matter. the song is good, for me it takes me back to the time of being a teenager and doing wild crazy fun stuff and at that age dating a 16 year old was normal. However i would kill anyone that tried to take advantage of my niece, don't get so wrapped up in nonsense over a song. art is to you how you perceive it regardless of how the author of it perceived it.

    did he think she was cute, probably, did he sleep with her, come on guys - most likely not, just like he said i bet she was just the next door neighbor that lost an important role model and he looked out for her.

    when i was in high school there were a bunch of us that all hung out with each other, one girl, a sister of one of our friends who was probably only 11 would hang around with us, nobody took advantage of her, we all looked out for her, her mother and even the police thought people were up to no good with her. The truth behind that was her mom was a complete loser drunk that left her home with a senile grandfather who was probably crazy before he lost his marbles almost every other night and we would see her moms car at the motel 6... she would get locked out of her house, there would be nothing to eat there, trash would pile up, bugs would take over, etc, just a horrible place, we would tote her around and to one of our female friends places to stay if she didn't want to go home to that etc. she was just a sweet girl lost in a sadly way to common extremely dysfunctional home.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1980 {September 13th} Benny Mardones performed "Into the Night" on the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time the song was in it's second of two weeks at position #11 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, that was also it's peak position on the chart, and in spent twenty weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #12 on the Canadian RPM Singles chart...
    Nine years later on April 20th, 1989 "Into The Night" re-entered the Top 100 chart at position #65, eight weeks later it would peak at #20 {for 1 week} and stayed on the chart for seventeen weeks...
    It spent a total of thirty-seven weeks on the Top 100, twenty weeks in 1980 and another seventeen weeks in 1989...
    "Into The Night" was his only Top 100 record...
    Benny Mardones, born Ruben Armand Mardones, will celebrate his 73rd birthday in two months on November 9th, 2019...
  • Somps from FloridaFor those that "want" to translate it so that it doesn't portray pediphelia, that's up to you. I see people lie all the time... make excuses all the time. Almost every day now. You take ALL of the facts, not just the ones that suit you and fit your narrative. Hell, if that's the case, I'm the king of wherever you live and you owe me taxes for reading this. LoL. See how silly we can get. If this song got you through tough times, I can see where you would want to defend it and I'm glad it got you through tough times and touches you, but the facts are that he is a grown man and ends up making out with this underage girl. For those of you saying, "listen to his explanation!" Have you never watched that show where they bust guys who are going to meet up with underage boys and girls? Every one of them has an explanation. They just don't have a hit song to go with it. Jump on Youtube and do a quick search for Bounty Hunter D. He does videos of catching people who miss their court date, but the ones I want you to watch are the ones where he and a partner, many times Patty Mayo, catch cheaters and they bring them and their significant other in and "interviews" them. Don't just watch one. Watch several. The cheaters are often times sooo convincing. "They said blah blah blah. I believe them!" Then he puts them through a lie detector. "Lie detectors don't mean crap". Then he brings out the pictures. "Pictures can be doctored". When you start making excuses at this point, it's just sad. They then bring in the person that they were cheating with and some still try to deny it but most come clean at that point. People lie when they get asked something they feel guilty about. Benny Mardones was 37 at the time! Yes, it is what it sounds like and you can deny it all you want. "But it's been such a special song to me..." (as the tears flow)... that's ok. If you want to overlook the facts, I'm not going to judge you. Just don't try to convince me this guy was on the up and up with this. I know a ton of artists of every category and I have seen plenty who just want everything to be fair game. "Why put limits and restrictions?" Because, although there are kids that have great mental capacities at this age, there are so many more that just don't get everything yet. They don't have the experience to use to weigh the should and should not. Look at all these fail videos on Youtube where they do stupid life threatening stuff that they wouldn't do 10 or 15 years later. That's why we have the limitations. Young girls want somebody to care deeply for them and if the guy has money or jewelry, all the better. For the person that was getting abused and felt like this song saved you... I'll be honest with you, for every guy you think is going to swoop in and save you, there are a 1000 guys listening to this song and thinking it's ok to sexually abuse a teenage girl. Hell, the person abusing you... this might have been their "go to" song that made it ok in their mind. The song is beautiful and I can imagine a guy who turned 18 and being told "son, you are 18 now and too old to see my daughter", and the 18 year old starts singing this song. That would have worked for me, but every time I hear this on the radio, I wonder how many older guys use this to justify their sick fantasies. Look at it how you want. Justify it. I won't judge you, but the fact is, this is a 37 year old guy portraying making out with a 16 year old girl and I'm pretty sure if you introduce the lyrics to anyone who has never heard the song, they'll be like, "that's perverted dude." Benny got away with giving an excuse in his interview. What do you expect? "Well, Bob, I was thinking about taking this girl and teaching her some things..." of course he is going to make it sound above board. And By the way, I have a cool bridge that Benny walked on for sale. It's in great condition and I take cash only. And for the guy that gave examples of other double hits in the 80's, the person said the "only unrevised double hit" meaning that there were no changes. All of your examples have additions or something changing it from its original. Adding a rapper in with the original is still a change. If you can show me a double hit that was exactly 100% the same, then I'll take that, but every one of your examples had something that changed it from it's original. If the only change is the person singing it again in a different studio, but same version, same tempo, same everything, then that would be an original still. Adding another person singing or rapping is not a re release of the original. I'm good with however you want to see this as long as no one uses it as an excuse to get with underage kids. Take care and love you all.
  • Kim from FloridaI was 16 when this was out and naturally thought nothing was off about it. But the song is a classic so as it hung around for decades I started to.think.ok kinda creepy but who knows how old the guy's supposed to be. After seeing the video there's no way he thought of Heidi as platonic. The video I wish I never saw because "Heidi" looks like she's being stalked. Her face is expressionless as he wails in passion. His interview explanation was creepy too. He describes her in a mini skirt with stacked heels and adds "adorable" then he has to tell his letch friend to leave her alone she's just 16. Beautiful song but creepy with a capital C. And no he's no 18-21 year old guy either so wtf. Even the Heidi in the video looked younger than 16. Ewww
  • Marquessa from San Jose Ca I love this song and I hear what Benny says about the explanation. But if this is soo, why all the kissing at the end of the video? That looks like the 33 year old man is trying to get into the 16 year olds pants... or maybe he did. Dunno... I do know that I love love this song and will just pretend an 18 year old is singing to his 16 year old girl.
  • David Jack James from Boca Raton, FloridaThe statement above that "The song was the only one to chart twice in the '80s by the same artist," is not correct. "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters was a U.S. Billboard Top 40 hit twice in the ‘80s. The original version entered the Top 40 in 1982. A slightly remixed version was a bigger hit in 1984. "Red Red Wine" by UB40 was also a hit twice in the ‘80s. The original version entered the Top 40 in 1983. In 1988 the song was re-released and included the Jamaican rap (or “toast”) that had been mostly omitted from the 1983 single version. And "Send Me an Angel" by Real Life was a hit twice in the ‘80s. The original version entered the Top 40 in 1984. In 1989, a different version (officially entitled “Send Me an Angel ‘89”) was a bigger hit.
  • Jpl from Nashville Tn.I was 9 when this song first came out. But only remember hearing it ....somewhere when I was....14? Then I was 18 when it was re-released I have to say at both 14 and 18 ...the teen romance kinda hit me. As a love song. I guess because of my age at the times. Definitely have fun memories of listening to it in 89 with my girl after work.
  • Tony from San DiegoLMFAO Sgt. Mitchell
  • Julie from WindsorI have always loved this song and I'm glad to read the explanation regarding it's meaning BUT it sure as hell doesn't help some people's opinions, about Benny being a peodofile, when the end of the video shows him half way laying down and seriously kissing this "16 year old" girl. This was just in poor taste if in fact what he states is the true meaning of the song.
  • Kat from MarylandAll kidding aside. This is a great song. 1980. I was 19 yrs old and starting what would be an almost 30 yr career with Southwestern Bell/ATT. Hadn't heard this song in almost 36 yrs. Brings back many wonderful memories. I sure would love to see Benny Mardones in concert before Parkinson's Disease takes over.
  • Sgt Campbell from San FranciscoThe San Francisco police department is seeking any information regarding the whereabouts of Heidi. We belive she may have been the victim of numerous violations of the law. Also any information regarding who is currently walking Heidi's dog, as we believe it likely needs to go to the bathroom.

    If the magic carpet is located, please tow with a hold for sex crimes.

    Case number 150882167

    Sgt Mitch Capbell
  • Shon from MemphisI like the song and thought it was pedophilice until reading this but the video at the end with him kissing the girl doesn't help matters.
  • Lionel Ulloa from Panama, PanamaI think is all explained above, there isn't need for such scandal. This song is the best AOR ballad I've had ever heard and was composed with help of Robert Tepper "No Easy Way Out". This song from Benny Mardones is the top notch in every sold venue. He is Chilean descendant too, that is a great staple in his romanticismo latino and great voice.
  • Rena from Enid, OkI can't believe so many people can't read, can't read at all! Giving out THEIR assumption of the song is sooo wrong. The facts came out in the interview.
  • Danielle from, CaHe is a pedophile watch the video
  • Louise from Auckland, NetherlandsAs someone else mentioned, the Mike Mantisa version is pretty nice. And there is an interview with him and Benny Mardones on You Tube if you are interested. The original video with Benny, which wasn't "available" for years, is also on You Tube now. Despite the real back story about the teen neighbor who he wanted to help by letting her walk his dog, the video plays out the story of an older
    guy (Benny) being kept away from his very young looking teen girlfriend by a stern Dad. Benny peers in her window, calls her from a pay phone, and then jumps in her window with a rolled up carpet. They hop on the carpet, flying off into the night as he kisses her. I guess the real story would have been hard to show in a video?! Regardless of what issues people might have with the subject matter, it really is a gorgeous song and Benny has an amazing set of vocal chords.
  • Bradley from Winchester, NhFox Sports Radio's Tony Bruno uses this song as his nighttime show's closing theme. Bruno's nighttime show shares its name with this song.
  • Steve from Torrance, CaWhen I first heard this song, I was sure it was just a parody of Steve (Journey) Perry's singing style. I knew it wasn't really Steve and Journey, but it sounded like an amateur trying to ape his diaphragm-heavy vocal inflections. Such were the 1980s.
  • Rebekah from Seattle, WaWhen I first heard this song, I was 16, and it had/has very deep meaning for me. For those who are reading into it as pedophilia, they could not be more wrong!
    I interepet this as a deep affection he has for another human being, and he knows she is not getting the love she deserves. I was a troubled, abused teen and nobody spoke for me, so I used to imagine him singing it to me and nobody really stepped up to the plate for me, so every time it came on the radio, it gave me the feeling that somebody was speaking for me and caring for me. I think this man is DEEPLY spiritual and pretty amazing and should be in teh Rock and Roll Hall of Fame b/c this song has more depth than most out there. I love Benny Mardones!
  • Music Heals from Trenton, NjThis song was just re-released last week by a singer from NJ named Mike Matisa. I just downloaded my copy off of iTunes after coming across the video on YouTube. His version is incredible and has a great modern sound to it, but without losing the classic feel. This song is just gutwrenching and only two people who encounter such an experience will ever know the true meaning of unconditional love. And no..NOT in a perverted sense either.
  • Jayne from Somerset, KyThis song brings back so many memories for me. I was actually 17, and dating my assist manager "L" from McDonalds who was 21. We had to see each other in secret because my mom didn't approve and it was against policy to fratinize with crew. My best (male) friend from high school use to pick me up like we were doing something on saturday night, and drop me off to meet with "L". My friend use to sing this song to me everytime it came on the radio because he said that it described the relationship between "L" and myself. We eventually started dating in the open (after I turned 18 and he got transrferred to another location). He was my first love, but sadly we did not last. Oh the memories this song brings back!
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlThis is a song I've always loved.It wasn't a real big hit,but I remember it got played a lot I didn't know about the rerelease in 1989.The long version's really cool.Dude wails @ the end of this song.
  • Fnk from Richmond, VaRead the song any way you want. I use the age I want 21. And it still applies.FP.Jamaica
  • Z from Bronx, NyHMMMM, At face value it's sounds like a sensuous fantasy of a man captivated by a girls innocence and genuineness. Only he knows for sure. Maybe that question can be asked in an interview. He was 33 when the song was recorded. There are other songs about age differences. One that comes to mind is " Age Aint Nothing But A Number" by Aaliyah, although not nearly as beautiful or deeply moving. No pedophilia here which is about lust not love. I agree it is timeless forever.
  • Naomi from Philadelphia, PaI agree with Mark: this song doesn't necessarily have to be about a perv lusting for a 16 year old. There are many different types of love....i guess it depends on how you look at it. Either way, I love Benny and I love this song!!!!
  • John from Seattle, WaI agree, this song has absolutely nothing to do with pedophiles or lust. If that's where your mind goes, then maybe you need to clear your head.
  • Lanita from Palm Springs, CaMak, Orlando, FL. Did you get this story from
    Benny Himself? How old was he when he wrote this song? How old was he when he hired the girl to walk his dogs? Just for the record, I don't think this song is about pedophiles, either. I'd really love to hear back from you with answers.

    Lanita, Palm Springs, Ca.
  • Og from Los Angeles, CaBeth, very well put. I never saw it as a song about pedophilia either. I imagined an 18, maybe 19 year-old in love with a 16yo, that's not much of a difference. I was 19 when I started dating my 17yo girlfriend, who's now my wife.
  • Beth from Winston-salem, NcBTW, I love this song anyway. I think you can make it relate to your life merely by changing the "She's just 16 years old" to whatever age or situation you're in. In that way, the song is timeless because it's ever-changing. I love Benny's singing, especially at the end. Very raw and emotional.
  • Beth from Winston-salem, NcI don't think this song is about pedophilia or sung from the perspective from a pedophile. For starters, 16 year olds are too old for pedophiles. You can either assume that Benny is singing to a 16 from the perspective of someone his age, or someone slightly younger.

    It's a May-December romance type situation, not anything illegal. Think "Cradle of Love" by Billy Idol.
  • Sara from Greenville, AlI used to love this song, but then I read what someone said it was about and backed off.
  • Mak from Orlando, FlHmmm, this isn't a song about lust, it is about love.
    There's a story behind this, whether it is true or not, who knows, but I know it is from Benny himself.

    Supposedly, Benny's neighbor was a family with a young 16-year-old girl. The parents had issues, and the girl was treated very poorly. Benny felt bad for her, so he tried his best to be nice to her when he could and gave her a job walking his dogs.

    Now, let's weave this into the song.

    "Separated by fools
    Who don't know what love is yet" Means that he is kept from her by people who mistake his love for her as a lust, or romantic love. Think of it this way: I love human-kind, but I don't have romantic feelings for everybody. These "fools" don't understand that in him and think him... troubled.

    "If I could fly
    I'd pick you up
    I'd take you into the night"
    IF he could he would take her away from her poor parents.

    "And show you a love
    Like you've never seen - ever seen. "
    She had never had real parental love; never had parents who really cared for her. He would give her that love that she'd never had before.

    "It's like having a dream
    Where nobody has a heart"
    Nobody can understand what he's feeling and they think him bizarre for caring for her so.

    I suppose it could be seen both ways though. Only Benny knows the truth.
  • Faerie from Tomar, PortugalThis song is really NICE. It has some really gorgeous memories for the Teri & Jay era. Hope some singer will pick it up & re-do it! And FORGET the paedophilia hues in this one. Its message was anything but that!
  • Sebastian from Providence, Ri"16-year-old girl"? That's just wrong. But I have the song thou.
  • Charles from Charlotte, NcThe subject matter does not seem so romantic in light of all the pedophile cases of recent years, but the production makes this a guilty pleasure.
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