23 Degrees And South

Album: We Are Tonight (2013)
  • Currington said that this poetic Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson penned tune sounds like a song that he could have written because it's so much about him. "It's about Key West and I go there quite often," he explained. "I've spent so many days in the sunshine down there fishing and spear fishing, paddle boarding and just being a part of Key West. Everything about '23 Degrees and South' explains my life and down there."

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  • Marci Mcadoo from Pennsylvania I just heard this song for the very 1st time and it is so much my husband and me that I couldn't wait to get home and share this with him. I thought to myself that this is so him and me and our life that I can't believe it. I had Goosebumps actually listening to it and I wondered what the story was behind the song, the actual meaning of it and when I looked and saw the description that Billy Currington gives, it's so ironic my... husband and I love the keys so much in fact we just finally bought our 1st vacation home there and we want to be there all that time!! We LOVE IT THERE!! Thank you Billy Currington for giving me Goosebumps!!
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