Everybody Has a Dream

Album: The Stranger (1977)
  • Joel (from USA Today July 9, 2008): "That was actually written a long time prior to The Stranger, and it was written as a folk song. We redid the approach like a Joe Cocker gospel thing. It just felt like a great way to sum up the album, sort of a gospel celebration."

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  • Neil from Detroit, MiAlong with "Get It Right The First Time", this song was one of the most underrated songs on the album. On a personal level, the song has served as a very motivational, driving force in my life due to its passionate meaning.
  • Richard from Somerdale , NjThis song goes into a playing of The Stranger at the end, as Joel whistles the tune at the intro and end of the song. It kinda serves as a ender to the album, as Stranger's "main" song is The Stranger. It also creates a slight connection to one of Joel's other albums, The Nylon Curtain. At the end of Where's The Orchestra? (Nylon Curtain's closing song, great song by the way) fades out with a slower version of Allentown (Curtain's main song, also great), and finishes the album. The main difference is that at the end of Everybody Has a Dream, it plays an almost-direct copy of the mysterious piano/whistling solo from Stranger, while Where's The Orchestra plays a more tranquil and peaceful version of Allentown.
  • Joseph from Oyster Bay, NyAs per. Phill Ramone (Producer of "The Stranger") this song was written around 1971 and suposed to be on the Cold Spring Harbor album.
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