Fallen Leaves

Album: Billy Talent II (2006)
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  • Billy Talent's frontman Ben Kowalewicz revealed the true meaning of this song in his 2016 Songfacts interview. "I remember Ian and I working on that song in Vancouver where we were recording the record at the time," he said. "They actually had these leaves etched into the sidewalks. They're really cool and almost like a tapestry on the sidewalks. We were recording in Gastown in Hastings. It had a really, really bad and visible heroin problem. We found out that a couple of friends of ours who are living there ended up getting badly hooked on that stuff, so we wrote that song about our friends and their struggles. Luckily, they were okay and got out of it and cleaned themselves up and turned their lives around, which is great. But at the time, we wrote it about our friends that went there and just got lost into the enchanted world that leads to nowhere.

    The 'fallen leaves on the ground' were because a lot of people that were on the sidewalk were the fallen leaves. They literally were these things. Not a lot of people know that."
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  • Dennis from Toronto, OnOkay let me correct you and introduce my old self. I am the Base Guitars Father in Law. Jon use to live in my house while he was building his Condo. I love him like my own son. Fallen Leaves is about the Heroin Addicts in Vancouver. During the recording of their first album they stayed in an inexpensive hotel right beside the Grandville Bridge. In the morning the Junkies were looking through the garbage bins for Breakfast. If you ever have been too Vancouver you would likely remember the worlds biggest maple Leaves. The Park mentioned in the song is real, the suffering is real and the Junkies leave their folks out to the coast... Go to, Devil at Midnight Mass, Nothing too Loose, and Killer Bees and I will tell you more.
  • Carol from Toronto, OnThis is an awesome song!!!

    Even though my father calls BVilly Talent
    Billy got no talent xD
    i still love Billy Talent!
  • Austn411 from Va. Beach, Vagood meaning+good sound=amazazing song
  • Taylor from Kelowna, CanadaI love this song, and i think that its good that they did a song on how bad drugs are for you and everything, im listing to it right now!
  • Emma from Brisbane, AustraliaThis is a killer its F#*King awesome so is the band so yeah
  • Natalie from Saskatoon, CanadaI LOVE THIS SONG AND BILLY TALENT..they rock!! all you who don't like them are CRAZY..and what r u tlaking about..they are AMAZING live!!!!
  • Ryan from Ottawauh dude i listen to system of a down and pink floyd also and i have Billy Talent 1 also. Take a chill pill seriously it's just a song. if you don't like it then you dont have to read it.
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