Album: Vulnicura (2015)
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  • Vulnicura is an intimate portrayal of the breakdown of Björk's long-term relationship with the artist Matthew Barney. The lyrics booklet that accompanies the album creates a rough timeline of their separation. This song is annotated as "11 months after."
  • The song finds Björk singing about the obstacle being the path as she sings, "Don't remove my pain, it's my chance to heal." She explained to Pitchfork: "When I say that, it might come across that I'm incredibly wise. But it's the other way around. I'm f--ked and I'm trying to talk myself into it, like, 'Go, girl! You can do it!' It's me advising myself. It's not me knowing it all - not at all. It's just a certain route you just have to go; I went through it."

    "It's really hard for me to talk about it," Björk added. "It really is in the lyrics. I've never really done lyrics like this, because they're so teenage, so simple. I wrote them really quickly. But I also spent a long time on them to get them just right. It's so hard to talk about the subject matter; it's impossible - I'm sorry. [tears up] There's so many songs about [heartbreak] that exist this in the world, because music is somehow the perfect medium to express something like this."


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