In This River

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  • Zakk Wylde wrote this song a few months before his good friend, Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott, was shot and killed by a deranged fan named Nathan Gale when Abbott was performing with his band Damage Plan. Wylde subsequently dedicated the song to Abbott; a fitting tribute as the song deals with death. In our interview with Zakk Wylde, he said that Abbott was one of his favorite songwriters and guitarists. "I always tell everybody what Dime's legacy is," he said. "Tony Iommi created that whole genre of music, then Dime and the guys took the Sabbath thing and added gasoline. He added nitrous to it and created his own new thing."

    In the 2004 Guitar World readers' poll, Abbott was named "Most Valuable Metal Guitarist," with Wylde coming in second.
  • After the death of Dimebag Darrell, Zakk Wylde commissioned a video for this song in tribute to his fallen friend. Directed by Eric Zimmerman, the video shows Dime and Zakk as children, with both of them going into a river, but only Wylde coming out. Footage of Dimebag performing was also incorporated into the clip.
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  • Tameron from Taft , CaZakk is some kind of guru. Killer guitar work - very impressive.
  • Tameron from Taft , CaThis video really moves me. Zak is one of the best musicians I've ever heard, and I've heard them all...
  • Kim from Cherokee, NcIve never cryed over anything like this before but this song got to me
  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, Inthis song rules r.i.p dimebag
  • Bob from Seven Hills, OhThis was one of the first songs a i heard by BLS. Have been listening to them since. This a great song. R.I.P. Dimebag
  • Mike from Denver, Comade me cry. beautiful
    he will be forever missed
    one of the greatest guitarists of all time
  • Laurice from Aurora, CoGreat song.....I have seen it performed twice by Zakk. I was lucky to get so close both times and I am happy that my dad got to meet Dime before he was killed. LONG LIVE DIMEBAG.
  • Steve from Clifton Springs, NyThis Song is the greatest song ever written as a dedication... Dime you will be missed...see you in Heaven brother and fellow shredder!!!!
  • Natalie Read from Summerfield, FlI LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!! this almost made me cry. its really touching. im sorry for the lost of Abott he sounded like a GREAT guy! i cant believe that someone could just jump on stage and start shooting at innocent people but hey we cant go back now right? well anyways i absolutely love this song to death my boyfriend turned me on to this song and ever since then ive loved it!and always will!!!!
  • Cam from Paterson, NjDimebag is (if not) the best metal guitarist of all time. This is a perfect dedication and yes i did shed a little tear at the end of his reflection
  • Chad from Saskatoon, CanadaGorgeous song, gorgeous video. I miss Dime too, but it's lucky for us that he and Zakk were so close.

    I always kind of say, with Dime's passing, there's no more argument about the greatest guitarist tearing it up right now. Still have Wylde!
  • Daz from Lufkin, Txalmost cried when i seen the video R.I.P Dime you are missed
  • Freddie from Hanover, WvThis song made me cry when I first heard it because DIMEBAG was like my only Idal and I was just inspired by him."In This river" is for DimeBag and all I want to say is that we all miss you and we are thinking about you.
  • Brandon from Haltom, Txjust to tell ur not the only one started to cry
  • Ben from Providence, RiTo whoever said the guitar solo was odd. Theres meaning behind it. The fury of how fast he's playing over symbolizes (Maybe just to me) the anger he's feeling at the same time as sadness. I hear this song and think of my friend who died of a heroin addiction and cry because if i could play that well i would play that song for him at my band's shows
  • Eric from Milltown, Inthe version zakk pulls off on the Doomtroopin' DVD is awesome. long live Dime.
  • Jess from Avoca, Australiaa truly beautiful song!!!
  • Chris from Bradenton, FlAm I the only one who's eyes welled up with tears the first time i saw the video?
  • Dj from Prarie Village, Ksone of the greatest songs of all time we all miss u dime u are the best guitarist of all time and we all miss u!
  • Chris from Copenhagen, Denmarka super duper song... i almost start cryin when i hear it though
  • Tony from Pawtucket, RiR.I.P. Dimebag Darrel Abbott. On the guitar solo during the piano being odd...It's different, not really odd. Different.
  • Sam Warren from Morristown, InZakk is a great musicain this song f***ing rocks. R.I.P. DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT
  • Cory from Boonville, Inanyone else notice the guitar solo during the piano playing to be a little......odd?
  • Greg from Brantford, Canadait was written before dime died. In the collectors edition of guitar world it says that zakk wrote it with dime because they were best friends and he got inspired to write the song from the movie King Of Tides R.I.P Dimebag Darrel Abbott
  • Eric from Milltown, Inon the pantera website, zakk made a great video tribute to dime. it has pics and video's of them together. R.I.P. Dime
  • Josh from Noble, Okthis song was not written about Dimebag. the song was written before his death. zakk thought it would be a good tribute to dime so he dedicates it to him when he plays it live, but zakk is on record saying that it was written a few months before Dime's death. it is still a great tribut to one of the greatest guitarist that has ever lived.
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