Album: The Blessed Hellride (2003)
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  • Written by lead singer/guitarist Zakk Wylde, this song is about a man whose girlfriend treats him so poorly and takes such advantage of him that his love for her dies, and, indeed, he feels dead inside. Wylde insists that it's not autobiographical and that if any girl was treating him like that, he would simply break up with her and turn the tables.
  • Structurally, this is a very simple song, as Wylde believes that some of the best songs are ones you could play with one guitar string (low E). In our interview with Wylde, he explained: "You listen to something like 'Whole Lotta Love,' even 'Paranoid,' there's three parts to it. You have the opening riff, you have the verse, and you have that little section and then it gets back to the verse again. 'Stillborn' was just a matter of trying to write with as few chords as I possibly could."
  • The first single from The Blessed Hellride album, this song features background vocals by Ozzy Osbourne. Zakk Wylde was Ozzy's guitarist for his solo albums No Rest for the Wicked (1988) and No More Tears (1991). According to Wylde, immediately after recording the song, Ozzy asked how it turned out, then demanded a beer. Zakk's own vocals on the song came out sounding a lot like Osbourne's.

    It was Wylde's wife, Barbaranne, who got Ozzy to sing on the track. Zakk didn't want to "mooch" off Ozzy, but Barbaranne was not deterred: she contacted Ozzy's wife/manager Sharon, and arranged the collaboration. Sharon thought it was a great idea, as it came at a time when she was happy to get Ozzy out of the house and doing some music again.
  • The video was directed by Rob Zombie, who came up with the concept while touring with Black Label Society on Ozzfest. Ozzy Osbourne did not appear in the clip. >>
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  • Ben from Pittsbugh, PaExcellent Song by Zakk And BLS. Zakk is a guitar god, I idolize him, his guitar playing is known everywhere, and I cant wait for the release of the new CD " The Song Remains Not The Same"
  • Nick from Cairns, Australiahaha im not really one for comparison of bands but geez people are comparing children of bodom and black label society!? Well both bands are great in my opionion, but i'd never compare them or recomend listening to heavier bands like what william at the bottom said. After all, he started this.
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeZakk Wylde uses a series of pinch harmonics for the main riff
  • Joe from Valparaiso, IlZakk Wyled and BLS are a solide band. They have a simple overall sound with Zakks guitaring. It works. It has brohgt back an older generation of metal. If you like rap rock than you will never like BLS.
  • Ace from Heavy Metal, InYess ZAKK WYLDE would DESTROY any of those douche bags in children of bodem .... ZAKK WYLDE IS THE BEST
  • Nik from College Park, MdYou cannot compare CoB and BLS. Both of these bands and all their members are brilliant. In fact Zakk Wylde and Alexi Laiho (and Steve Vai) were featured as virtuosos in Guitar World a few months back, and there is a good reason for that. Alexi's classical influenced riffs and Zakk's shredding style are amazing.
    So I think it's a matter of taste. Some enjoy Alexi's death/black metal vocals, and some enjoy more old school metal sound, but it is absolutely wrong to say that either of these bands are bad.
  • Tommy from Kunkletown, PaI just noticed something, Children of 'Boredom'? Why don't you go listen to CoB before you insult, huh guy? >:D
  • Devon from Westerville, OhGood point sam. ZAKK is a guitar GOD! Black label society is freakin' awesome.
  • Sam Warren from Morristown, InBLS is a great band and they are not painful to listen to. I've never even heard of Children of Bordom. But ZAKK IS ONE OF THE GREATEST GUITARISTS EVER TO LIVE.
  • Devon from Westerville, OhZakk Wylde is one of the best lead guitarists out there. this song is so simple yet it delivers.
  • Nick from Warren, MiWilliam you have lost your mind, Children of bodem is a crapy scremo band with a good keyboardest, they have a good guitarest but since he is the screamer of the band he now sucks at life. Black Label would destroy children of bodem or any other "nu metal" band you can name, wtf is nu metal anyway.
  • Josh from Noble, OkBLS is painful to listen to? his band is made up of some of the best muscians out there. Children of Bodom, Lamb of God or Acid Bath couldnt even begin to compete with any member of BLS past or present. i would love to see any lead guitarist in those bands go up against the evil twin nick cantanese(who is the rythem guitarist. he would blow them away. granted they do have a small bit of talent, but i think i will let the kiddies who enjoy "nu metal" buy their albums.
  • Caveman from New Canaan, CtTell me you're joking!? Zakk's voice is brilliant. Listen to his band Pride & glory or his acoustic solo album "Book of Shadows". BLS is the most honest and talented metal band on the planet...BLS is so metal, they dent.
  • William from Ocean Springs, MsZakk Wylde is a great guitarist but his singing and this band in general is painful to listen to if you want a better metal alternative try Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, or Acid Bath
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