Hand Of Doom

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  • Sabbath bass player Geezer Butler wrote the lyric about heroin addiction. It was inspired by seeing all the syringes left on the ground by audience members at their shows. >>
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    Robbie - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Running 7:08, "Hand Of Doom" is part of the second Black Sabbath album, Paranoid, a breakthrough for the band with the songs "Iron Man" and "War Pigs."

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  • Daniel from Buenos Aires,argentinaA stoned man can not do much an less make music (John Lennon said once). And it is a great piece of music. I think it is not about drugs apology but about a Vietnam veteran drama.
  • Loretta Carleton from Ontario, Canada I fell in love with Black Sabbath when I started to really listen to the lyrics and how they effected my life. I'm also impressed with the bands attitude towards all the corruption and evil that's being forced on the people!! They r like our protectors and rebels who automatically have r backs by exposing the idiots responsible for this mess!! They have the stage and the voice to make a difference.
  • Rob from San Antonio, TexasDoes everyone appreciate the irony of Ozzy singing an anti-drug song?

    And yes, the song is about the rampant drug addiction of Vietnam vets. “First it was the bombs, Vietnam napalm”
  • Jason from Aurora, CoI heard that the song was about drug use by soldiers during the Vietnam war.
  • Rob from Amsterdam, Nydoes anyone realize the drumming in this song i mean this is 1970 one of the first hip hop beats...sick
  • Christian from Oslo, Norwayagree with you all, this is an anti-drug song... and yes, it's about vietnam veterans, though it might be inspired by needles found after concerts...
    anyway, awesome song!
  • Craig Lee from Valdosta, Ga"Hand of Doom" is about drug use effects on VietNam veterans. It mentions both herion and LSD.
  • Lydia from Auckland, New Zealandsomeone actually thought this song was promoting drug use?
    just listen to the mocking tone Ozzy sings it in - I think it's sad
  • Neil from Liverpool, U.k., EnglandI agree with the above comments entirely, and the idiots of the world thought this song was promoting smack use....fools...this and 'fairies wear boots' simply have to be warnings against excessive drug use....cretins who thought they were adverts for drugs were just simply justifying their own sad habits. And..if you have to be on drugs in order to enjoy Sabbath's music.....as Ozzy sings on 'Snowblind'....you're the one thats really the loser!
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesCited by Jello Biafra along with "The Pusher" as one of the most anti-drug songs ever recorded.
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