Peace Is Free

Album: Folklore and Superstition (2008)
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  • This reassuring song from Black Stone Cherry's second album is one of their concert favorites. "It's just one of those songs, much like 'Tuesday's Gone,' that evokes an emotion in people in a unifying way," lead singer Chris Robertson said in a Songfacts interview. "One of the most beautiful things to me is when we do that song, especially over in the UK, I get the crowds to grab each other's hands to put their hands in the air, and the whole room is arm-in-arm like a chain singing that song."
  • Regarding the inspiration for the song, Chris Robertson told us: "It's one of those extremely powerful songs that just kind of poured out with not a lot of thought, just a feeling of the state of the world. We write songs about what we know and that's where we leave it. We're not writing songs about partying all night at the Roxy because we don't understand that kind of lifestyle, but we understand that we all need each other and the simplicity of how beautiful life can be when you realize that your own personal inner peace is something that shouldn't cost you anything."
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