Under a Violet Moon

Album: Under a Violet Moon (1999)
  • According to the Jerry Bloom biography of Ritchie Blackmore, Under A Violet Moon was released in Japan in April 1999, and the lyrics to the title track were partly written by Blackmore, "the only time to date he has tried his hand at such." The title was created from his mother's first name and his grandmother's surname.

    The song itself might be described as a Mediaeval singalong drinking ditty, and on video shows the alluring Candice Night at her enchanting best.
  • This shares some lyrics with the English folks song "The Lincolnshire Poacher":

    "Lincolnshire Poacher" - Oh, 'tis my delight on a shining night in the season of the year.

    "Under A Violet Moon" - This my delight on a shiny night the seasons of a year. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
  • The driving rhythm of this track fits into the larger aesthetic the duo conceived for the record. "The second album," vocalist and lyricist Candice Night said, "was written while we were touring and realized that we needed more upbeat songs to implement into the stage set. So we wrote more gypsy based and faster tempo numbers for that album." (Exclusive magazine, 2006.)
  • The lyrics, which feature lines such as "Leave this world behind. We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves," and "lose yourself in a medieval mood," not only characterize the neo-renaissance style of the duo's music, but also imply Blackmore's resistance to returning to rock music. Often in interviews Blackmore is asked whether he would reunite with his old rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow. The lyric, "we're going back to a time we knew" suggests that medieval music has always been at the heart of Ritchie's past.

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  • Chase from Miami, FlI find it funny that the same guy who wrote smoke on the water, highway star and hush can write this. Don't get me wrong though, this is kinda cool too. First to comment
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