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  • This ode to getting away in the summer is the second single from American country artist Blaine Larsen's third studio album, Not Too Bad. Larsen penned the song with Phil O'Donnell and Ed Hill.
  • Larsen told The Boot about the song: "It's about summertime, and everybody's ready to get out and have a couple of drinks and relax, get out on the boat or head down to the islands or to the beach," he said. "So this song is one that I'm hoping a lot of folks will crank up and play while they're doing all that stuff. It takes you away for a few minutes, and we've got a lot of stuff going on in the world right now that nobody really wants to dwell on, so this is something to get people's minds off of it."
  • The trio crafted the song in an office on Music Row. Larsen recalled to The Boot the original inspiration that got their creative wheels turning. "I remember coming up with the idea because everybody says it all the time: 'We're just chillin'. We're gonna go chill out,'" he explained. "So, I heard it a bunch and thought, 'Man, that's got to be a song.'"
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