She's Got a Way With Words

Album: If I'm Honest (2016)
Charted: 61


  • This angry and sarcastic song finds Blake Shelton singing with venom about a bad relationship breakdown. Shelton didn't write the tune; it was penned by Andy Albert, Marc Beeson and Wyatt Earp, but its lyrics about breaking up with a woman who'd wronged him got people talking in the wake of the singer's divorce from Miranda Lambert. Many wondered if this was a grenade aimed at his ex.
  • Jake Owen was also offered the song, as he was going through a marital breakdown around the same time as Blake Shelton. "You'd be so surprised," Owen told Taste of Country. "When I was going through my divorce everybody - every songwriter, everyone - was sending me songs that were like that. That new song Blake Shelton has out, 'She's Got a Way With Words'? That was pitched to me and I remember vividly the first time I heard that, I was like, 'That's a really good, cool song, very well written. But if I record this song and I'm taken literally - I don't want my ex to perceive I did that to her.'"
  • Andy Albert, Marc Beeson and Wyatt Earp put together most of the lyrics by just throwing jokes and phrases at each other, many of which ultimately ended up going into the song. "We're just laughing over them for two or three hours, and then we started to arrange the different lines and put them together in a way that we thought made some sense," Albert told Taste of Country.
  • Shortly after hearing the song, Shelton indicated that he wanted to cut it. He put the tune on hold in the early part of 2015, months before he and Lambert announced their divorce. "Then, unfortunately, he went through all of his personal stuff, the divorce and all of that, and I think the song sort of rang true to him in all that was going on in his life," Albert said. "I feel like that's one of the reasons why it made it all the way to the end [of the recording process]."


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