Album: blink-182 (2003)
Charted: 24


  • Tom DeLonge: "The lyrics I wrote in 'Down' are about a picture I had in my head of a boy and girl inside a car while it's raining outside. So I pictured over and over rain falling on the windshield while this guy is saying and thinking these things about wanting to kiss her and make her stay." >>
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    Arkady - London, England
  • DeLonge played an acoustic version of this song throughout his new band Angels & Airwaves' first tour during the spring of 2006. However, he replaced Mark Hoppus' part of repeating "down" with "oh oh. oh oh. oh ohhh." >>
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    Todd - Blackwood, NJ

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  • Liesa from Roy, UtI love this song and I love Blink 182. This is one of their best songs.
  • Kayley from Manchester, EnglandYet another classic tune from Blink 182, the drums in this song are ace, done by Travis Barker (best drummer ever!!)I never fail to turn this tune up when i hear it!!!!!
    BlInK 182 RoCk!!!
  • Jeremy from Buffalo, Nyseriously, travis barker isnt THAT great. dont get me wrong hes good. but i mean, there are waaaaaay better then him. the stuff he does with the snare is cool. hes nothing to say hes a drum GOD
  • Ben from Lexington , KySam from Cali
    your right man hes the best known drummer of our time
  • Joanna from , IrelandI love this song. It reminds me that its better to be happy then being depressed and to always look at the bright side. Don't know why it just as that affect on me, that's why I love blink 182 songs they always have an affect on me. BLINK ROCK
  • Jeff from Sothington, Ctsomebody should write Travis Barker is GOD underneath Eric Clapton is God
  • Sam from Sacramento, Cathis song has the coolest drum beat. i dont know how one person could get so good at drums. hes gonna leave a legacy just like bonham.
  • Jess from Wytheville, VaThis song puts me in a better mode when i listen to it. Travis, Mark, and Tom are all totally great. This is one of the first songs i heard by them i feel for. I'm the biggest blink-182 fan u'll ever find and there last album showed how mature they had gotten in their videos and especially the passion they put into their lyrics. Rock On!!!!!!!
  • Kieran from Essex, Englandi love blink but this song is really bad, i never thought they could write something this terrible
  • Guillermo from San Diego, CaThis is the first song that made me love this band.I thought this video was awsome with the skaters and the car chase.Its a total blink song.
  • Kaylee from Marysville, WaI am totally in love with this song. in times ive listened to it on my iTunes, it leads, with the next most listened to like, half of how many times ive listened to this one. that tells you right there how much i love it. i listen to it over and over again. <3
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiathis song makes me so happy but the"this cant be the end" and "you did this" makes my spine tingle
  • Kimberly from Greeley, CoI like this song and it makes me happy, too. I dont like the fallen interlude, though.
  • Ariel from Laguna , CaThis is my favorite song. One of my best friends who has past away always said that this was mine and her song. It makes me really happy every time i listen to it. I will always love blink!
  • Nick from Roch, Nyi love this song, it just makes me feel like i know blink182 even better
  • Taylor from Olympia, Wathis song always makes me really sad when I listen to it, I have no idea why, I guess its just the atmosphere it gives you...this song rocks, Blink 182 Rocks! its so sad that they went on hiatus..I WANT THEM TO COME BACK....oh well, this song is one of my favorites.. Rock On Blink-182!!!....I love Mark, Tom, and Travis!
  • Kerrianne from Morawa, Australiathis band rocks and all their songs have MEANING!!! good stuff fellas!
  • Mia from Wellston, MiAll of their songs are about being in the awkward teenage years and dealing with crushes, immature boys and relationships. great band.
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadawoah . i love the part " this akward silence makes me crazy " tom thats very cute for the reason of this song, i love you tom delong <33
  • Stacy from Scranton, United StatesI love Tom!I think hes very creative when he writes his songs..i can listen to the album for hours and hours at a time.
  • Vanessa from Montreal, Canadathis song was so totally easy to relate to, the lyrics are so amazing! and it reminds me of my boyfriend..
  • Alpina from Abq, NmBlink 182 has many great songs, this is one of them. so many people sit back and call blink 182 pop punk or bubblegum music. but i think blink 182 is viewed to be that way because of the words that they use in there lyrics. but what makes blink great is how they use those certain "pop punk" lyrics. most of blink 182's songs are based on inmaturity, not so much being inmature but being new at things, like relationships, parties school and love. this song is about a boy/girl wanting to make a move on their date. think back to when you first started dating. think about the "awkward silence" and if your a guy, how many times during a date do you want to just lean over and kiss her, but afraid of the ramifications. this song is a perfect definition of how a first date feels, esspecially for a guy
  • Chloe from Hampshire, EnglandLike Mara said, the lyrics in this song are amazing. When I saw this played live I nearly cried. I can see how this song could be about depression for some people. For me and I'm guessing many others, its about love. I think "Tidal waves they rip right through me" might mean that the boy in the song will face other problems and he'll have other obstacles but he loves this girl so much he will overcome whatever for her. "Tears from eyes worn and cold and sad, pick me up now I need you so bad" is saying that he doesn't have much to live for without her and he needs her so much he will do anything for her.
  • Tom from Hampshire, Englandeverything was so bad i bottled it all up and started to cut myself and i finally talked to someone and my life has got better ever since. thanks mike!
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandever since a day things will never be the same again. wish i could have not said anything or done anything. i feel it. sorry
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandi really like this song. when i felt depressed and about cuttin myself, i either called a girl that i really like or listen to this song. thanks blink, but mainly thank to that girl, annabel, i luvs you. mike!
  • Margie from Franklin Square, NyI think that this is an awesome song....Tom DeLonge did a great job with the lyrics that i think just about everyone can relate to. My favorite part is the begining("The drops of rain they fall all over this akward silence makes me crazy the glow inside burns light upon her i'll try to kiss you if you let me [this cant be the end]")i just relate to this part so much and i think that the piano went great with the song
    -Margie, Franklin Square, NY
  • Mara from Las Vegas, NvThis song, honestly, is lyrically amazing. It hit me so hard, and man oh man this one is a killer. It totally reminds me of the first kiss with my now ex boyfriend... standing outside in the rain, longing to say things but not... wow!!
  • Ruby from Perth, AustraliaThis song I relate to the chorus, expecially the "down down down" bit, for me it is about depression.
  • Ali from Milford, CtI think this song is awesome and it's easy to relate to for some people...Tom did a good job on the lyrics as well
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