Not Now

Album: Greatest Hits (bonus track) (2004)
Charted: 30
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  • This song is about fear. It could be fear of fate, fear of the world, fear of being alone, etc. He wants company and someone to "hold his hand" and "help" him. When he asks to be shown "how to fight this," the song may be referring to fate. He is afraid of the idea that he can't control his life and he will have to be part of "God's masterplan." >>
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    Chloe - Hampshire, England
  • Tom DeLonge: "This song is about when you die, and you've just realized you died. You're looking at your lady, trying to say goodbye, and you can see her and you know she's there, but she can't see you and it's too late."
  • The original chorus lyrics were: "Let's dance until I'm gone, I'm here hold on to me, goodbye, I'm leaving." >>
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    Arkady - London, England, for above 2

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  • Taylor from Kansas City, MoTom has stated 'Not Now' is about his fear of dying and a girl. I am not much of a religious or spiritual person, but Tom clearly is. And the story in this song is beautiful, sad, and comforting.

    It's about the fear of dying and leaving someone dear or a loved one behind. The fear of not being able to say goodbye.

    The beginning of the song, he's seeking comfort from the girl that he loves and doesn't want to be alone in his final moments. He's frightened because he's really dying. As the panic settles, he then accepts that he's going to die. He can't stop it. Which brings him an unexpected peace and acceptance now that the struggle is over. He's not alone. He is with his love, but he dies before he was able to tell her goodbye.

    After he dies, he is at peace with the light he sees. As he begins to move on, he realizes she is the one being left behind. Not him. He's moving on in his passing. She still has to live without him. He then tries to comfort her by telling her he will see her again; that he'll be right there. Waiting.
  • Italo from CaliforniaI always had a feeling this song was about the solders that were going to the Iraq War in 2003, about that time this song was released. That part that said my Name has made the list, I thought that the guy was part of the list of recruits that were called from the reserve. Maybe is also about this same recruit dying on the field and thinking about this girlfriend back home.
  • L from EverywhereYou know when Tom first started writing this song it went like this, "now I use to laugh I use to smile are you still here, this sadness death, is painted with solution, life's been so underrated, help me out cause I can't take it"
  • Joy from Helljust checking some to be able to prove IAM right sometimes.
  • Elliot from San AntonioI kind of think this song is more about avoidance and the sudden need to confront those same issues that you’ve been avoiding. Not sure but the tone and lyrics, to me at least, suggest a kind of panic to take care of something and to put life on hold for awhile. Every issue that we’re forced to face with any large extent of urgency can be comparable with our luck finally running out and death finally catching up with us which is why the verses hit me so hard. In other words, maybe this song isn’t literally about death but rather about how we go through life avoiding our problems only for them to just pile up and hit us when everything is going well. At that point you’re so content with your life that you’re willing to fight something as terrifying as death to keep it around. However, because there are so many issues or maybe even just a few really big issues that you’re forced to deal with, you can’t focus on maintaining what you’ve been building instead of dealing with things periodically, so you run the risk of losing what you’ve come to love.
  • Victor from Hartsdale, NyDid Mark Hoppus really comment on this?
  • M A Hoppus from Ridgecrest, CaHello Mark here.. when Tom wrote this song it was because his daughter was in the hospital. He thought it was deadly, it wasn't he was being a wine bag end of story. oh and buy our new CD this summer!
  • Christopher from Union Beach, NjOMG you people have no clue what your saying.
    ok so you think this was written around the time of the breakup just for the greatest hits album.
    well sorry but your wrong! it was written for their self titled album Blink-182 ok so that brings the time of being written to 2002! so stop being idiots hes not trying to give them a secret message or give the song a special underlying message to the band ok its about someone dieing no more no less.
  • Christopher from Union Beach, Njok well i think the person that said tom wrote this about blink 182 breaking up and how someone dieing refered to the band.
    well your an idiot this song was written in 2002.
    ok if they broke up in early 05' how is this song anyway relevent? you should do your research.
  • Ken from Simsbury, Ctwhen tom says, "please stay untill i'm gone". he means for mark and travis to stay with him in the band(blink-182) until he dies. and when he says, "Im'm right he waiting", he means that he will be waiting until they forgive him. and when to says, "comne here please hold my hand for now
    Help me, I'm scared please show me how to fight this,
    God has a master plan
    And I guess
    I am in his demand
    Please save me this time I cannot run
    And I'll see you when this is done
    And now I have come to realize
    That you are the one who's left behind" he is saying that he is scare and needs some one to help him get through this whole arguement. and that god das a master plan and that this whole arguement is a part of the plan, and that he is the one who is left behind, and he can't run away cause its happening. and when tom says,"I'll see you when this is done" tom means when this whole fight is over he will be and see mark and travis again in blink-182. and when tom says,"i'll come back soon just like you would" tom is saying that he will come back when mark and travis come back and he will for give them. The song, "Not Now" is a song that is tom talking to mark and travis. and tom is saying, comehere, come back I need you, I am lost without you. please I am scare sad without you, help.
  • Ken from Simsbury, Cttom said the song is about when someone is dieing, well I think, he is referring to blink-182. he knew that they were slowly fading away from eachother and tom, said it was about someone dieing to not start a contversy of thier break up. tom wrote the song toward blink-182, their are so many hints. tom was sooooo close to mark and traivs but he knew that there was nothing left that he couldn't prevent it. the song is about the blink-182 break up.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaI played this song like non stop when I was 13,14,15. That was the worst time for me. But thats all behind me now, 18 here I come ha! But this song will always remind me of that particular time of my life.
  • Kayley from Manchester, EnglandCome here, please hold my hand for now
    Help me, I'm scared please show me how to fight this,
    God has a master plan
    And I guess
    I am in his demand
    Please save me this time I cannot run
    And I'll see you when this is done
    And now I have come to realize
    That you are the one who's left behind

    Please stay until I'm gone
    I'm here hold on to me I'm right here

    I see, a light it feels good
    And I'll come back soon just like you would
    It's useless, my name has made the list
    And I wish, I gave you one last kiss

    Please stay until I'm gone
    I'm here hold on to me I'm right here
    Waiting and take
    My one last breath, and don't forget
    That I will be right here

  • Kayley from Manchester, EnglandBeing blinks last ever song together this song is special, I love the it!!!!! t has a deep moving meaning like all blinks tunes!!
  • Josh from Coon Rapids, Mnsorry thomas from greenfield but actually tom broke it off with blink and he did'nt even tell mark and travis there manager did
  • Nate from Denver, Coif you play Plus 44 and AVA at the same time it sounds just like blink i swear.
  • Thomas from Greenfield, Inthis has got to be one of the best songs written by Blink.

    p.s...Kevin, Deptford, have a big misconception on how Blink broke up.....
    tom wanted to tak ea break from touring and spend time with his family. mark and travis didnt think that he should because they just created a six month tour schedule. tom cancelled the tour dates, and took the break. mark got pissed. and stated that they needed take an indefinate hiatus....thus the end of blink...marks fault not toms
  • Kevin from Deptford, NjThis is also alast song of blink 182. it's also about them staying together and dont break up. blink 182 were arguing. blink 182 was mad at tom or sum1 in blink 182 that he is in the movie meet the fockers and travis wants a break from the band. tom didnt like it but they had 2 break up so they wrote this last song
  • Candice from Brisbane, AustraliaI love this song, i always listen to it and i never want it to end cause it's so beautiful.
  • Bob from My Corner, CaI am listening to that song right now........ I love it!!!!! Violence's chorus is like, "Like violence you kill me forever and after" blah blah ring a bell!? LOL
  • Bob from My Corner, CaI totally agree with you, Alex from Loveland!! Liz, from London, like all the way down there...... Portsmouth Alex is right!!! It is Down. That is the best song ever!!
  • Bob from My Corner, CaThis is a really good song. It makes me feel really sad. I wish they didn't go on a "hiatus"!!! They made the best music. Don't get me wrong: I like Angels and Airwaves. (BTW their album comes out tomorrow!!!) and Plus 44 but I really liked Blink 182 the best~!
  • Emma from Brisbane, Australiathis song is proble thier best like it so cool like really awsome!!!
  • Stacey from Someplace, Australiai think this song is about the band and how they know its over but didn't want to end it and for ages they were all not now but they knew they couldnt keep it up forever I will always love blink!
  • Nic from Sydney, Australiathis song makes me cry...esp the chorus (is that how you spell it?soz i suck)
  • Bibsly from Baltimore, Mdliz, the song "tidal wave sthey rip right through me", is Down not violence.
    This song is so amazing. I love the lyrics, they really mean something. Tom Delonge is an amazing song writer and for any other fans of blink or tom check out Tom's new band Angels and Airwaves (aka AVA). Their new released song "the Adventure" has lyrics that are just as impressive (check out if your interested). Mark also has a new band, plus 44. They have one song out called no it isn't. It's also an amazing song.
  • Joel from Ajax, CanadaThis is a great song and video to leave off on, because all of blink's fans don't want them to quit, but they need to. They're at least 30 years old now with kids. They can't be telling fart jokes forever. I love their music, it really connected with me, but the new album has so much more maturity that it feels like they're done.
  • Beanie from Salt Lake City, UtI think it is one of the most touching songs and music videos I have ever seen. It reminds of me of how they are not together right now and its like the song is a memory of their band and all the things they've done and all the places they've been together and all the success they've shared while living out their dreams. The song is like a reminder so that even though they currently aren't together, they still won't forget Blink-182.
  • Guillermo from San Diego, CaI think its the best song by the guys and this song is about a guy dieing and he wants to say by to his girlfriend but she cant see him. Come back blink 182
  • Guillermo from San Diego, CaI think this song is awsome.I think it was clever how they put clips from their old videos to make this video.When i first heard it i stayed up all night listening to it.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaBlink-182 has good songs. I like this song a lot.
  • Alex from Loveland, Coi was watching Loaded on the Fuse channel and they had blink-182 that day and i heard this song and the video makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time!
  • Tbis from Gpf, Michigan, Mithis song is awsome and it should have been released in the u.s. first. blink-182 rocks!
  • Justin from Birch Run, MiOh. Sorry about the correction. Some one beat me too it...oh well. This is a good song and somehow I'm addicted to it. Even though it sounds a little corny, yet awsome.
  • Justin from Birch Run, MiJust a correction on the chorus:
    Please Stay, until i'm gone
    I'm here hold on
    to me I'll be right here, waiting
    And take my one last breath
    And don't forget
    That I will be right here, waiting
  • Taylor from Olympia, WaThis is an awesome song, and yet somehow, I feel like it is tryin gto tell me something...I have yet to figure it out but I will!. Awesome song, I heard it once and it was my favorite song from then on, its a miraculous song!
  • Dylan from Rosedale, Canadaplease say, until im gone, im here all nite, cuz i will be rite there waiting for u" from alex, portsmouth, England
    The lyrics are kinda off but with out having a good ear of seeing the original lyrics it is hard to tell sometimes, what is actulally said is "Please stay until I'm gone,
    I am here hold, to me
    I'm right here, waiting.
    And take my one last breath,
    And don't forget
    That I'll be right here waiting" close one :)
  • Ana from Nuevo Leon, Mexicowow!!! these song i great... don´t know what to say i really like it because of its meaning, lyric, and everything.....
    i think it´s about a retationship that ended but the guy still loving the girl and is asking her to help him cuz´he REALLY LOVE HER and he miss her so much that he can´t live with otu her .... he´s also telling her he will be there forever for her but NOT NOW cuz he is dying and his one last wish is to be with her and kiss her for his one last time...
    thanx guys ........
  • Vegard from Trondheim, NorwayActually, "tidal waves rip right through me" is Down, not Violence, Liz
  • Tim from Sydney, Australiai think this song is about a girls decision to leave a guy n shes not really sure wether she should or not,but decides to leave to b safe.its about the death of a relationship.
    the singer is tryin to tell her to stay n jus b with him.
  • Bre from Pittsburgh, Pawow, i never thought the blink fellas could out do themselves but lo and behold they did, their absotutally the best punk band that this world has ever seen, or heard.
  • Lebron from Blaxland, AustraliaIts a song about their new found christian faith, doubled in with their love for thier wives. dont u think its a bit wierd saying Lord and God alot in it......Its saying that hes scared of death and he wnats gods help
  • Elle from Uk, United StatesAlways is a great blink182 song. Its about fighting and how the guy wants to get back with the girl.
  • Jenny from Jackson , IaOh my god i love this song! Once my friend told me to listen to it...I couldn't stop! blink 182 is such an awesome band! My friends even learned it 4 their 2 days after they heard it..its one of my fav. songs now:)
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadawhat can i say? blink 182 out did them self, they are too amazing <33
  • Liz from London, Englandalex... i think you got the wrong song, hun. "tidal waves rip right through me" is Violence.
  • Kevin from Mahopac, NyThis is one of my favorite songs ever. The way i see it, thelyrics are about dieing, and the only thoughts on ur mind are about wanting to be with a person you truley love. Its an amazing song.
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandthe chorus that says "please say, until im gone, im here all nite, cuz i will be rite there waiting for u" or summin, is wat i rele hope will be wat its like 4 me n u, i rele never will forget u, ur the only 1 i will ever talk 2, ill try everything and do everything to insure that u stay here but i kno u wont :-( the most important thing is " thanx so much ." down will never stop remindin me of u. the part of " tidal waves may rip right thru me " yeah they will but ill wont let it stop me, " pick me up now, i need u so bad " will u? cuz i still do.... thanx 4 every thing
  • Chelsea from Kitchener, CanadaI love this song so much. I think in some way it has a peaceful lyrical meaning. I had to do a song for a school project and I chose this one because I think it has a message in it. I've yet to figure out what that message is. But now this is one one my favourite songs.
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