First Date

Album: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001)
Charted: 31
  • This song is about a guy going on a date with somebody he really likes and wants to impress, but he doubts himself because he isn't perfect. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    rachel - pooncarie, Australia
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Comments: 6

  • Scot from Largo, FlEverything about this is good.
  • Jess from Brisbane, AustraliaGirls feel that self-conscious every day; imagine how they feel on a first day. Fantastic song by the way.
  • Ben from Gosford, AustraliaThis song for me represents a low point in Blink's history. Actually, the whole album does. It seems like the album was largely written and sold on the premise that everybody listening to Blink is 16 years old and in an on again/ off again relationship with someone.
  • Kodi from Sydney, CanadaI love this song, I can totally relate to it too
  • Gray from Aurora , CoThis is an Awesome song describing the way some guys feel on a first day. It describes how he thinks hes not good enough for here and nervous on how he looks, hair, and what he thinks. Its a really good song.
  • Kevin from Quebec, Canadathis songs drumming made me want to start drumming thank god for you travis barker :)
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