The Rock Show

Album: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001)
Charted: 14 71
  • This song is about finding love at a punk rock concert. In their younger days, the band members would go to small Punk concerts and often end up meeting girls.
  • This became kind of an anthem for the Warped Tour, which blink-182 played on. They mention the Warped Tour in the lyrics. >>
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    mel - Hogtown, FL
  • They blew the money to make the video by breaking things and acting strange. Items destroyed include a car and a big-screen TV. They also took homeless people to a day spa and hired strippers to mow someone's lawn.
  • The album title is a play on masturbation. One of their roadies came up with the name. His name is Larry Palm. In other countries, the joke in the album title doesn't translate.

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  • Jack from Victoria, AustraliaClare i love blink as well but my 5 favs are litle bit diffrent
    1) dammit
    2) carousel
    3) first date
    4) all the small things
    5) rock show
    my sixth would be: stay together for the kids
    so our lists r pretty simarlar
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ilone of my favorite music videos of all time. amazing song tooooo
  • Anthony from Cape May, NjGreat song, just reminds you of them summer days, makes you really motivated to meet new people as well
  • Doug from Las Vegas, Nvsome background info on this song:
    After recording some songs for Take Off Your Pants and Jacket their manager sat Tom and Mark down and told them to each write a fun, catchy song. That night Tom went home and wrote "First Date", and Mark went home and wrote "The Rock Show". Also many people have called it "Girl At The Rock Show" But im pretty sure its just Rock Show
  • Jonnycakes from Dallas, TxThey parody Bon Jovi a little bit in this song.
    In the song "Living on a Prayer," Jon Bon Jovi sings 'Take my hand, we'll make it. I swear.' In "Rock Show," they sing 'She took my hand and I made it. I swear."

    Blink also does this in Adam's Song; when they turn the Nirvana lyrics 'Take your time. Hurry up. The choice is yours. Dont be late.' into 'I took my time.I hurried up. The choice was mine; I didn't think enough."
  • Tim from Perth, AustraliaSorry for the double post, it was an accident. About the song, lots of high-schoolers can relate to it, which makes it better. not my favourite blink song, but good
  • Tim from Perth, Australiakimberley that's not ironic. that's not even a co-incedence because u obviously clicked on the link to get here. learn english. good song btw
  • X.all Apologies.x from New City, NyKick-ass song. I love it. I can't wait to go to my first Warped Tour this year!!! I'm totally going to be singing this on my way!!!
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandi like this song a lot. its in my fav 5 songs by blink:
    1) all the small things
    2) carousel
    3) first date
    4) rock show
    5) stay together for the kids
    i no i'm sad but when i like a band i automatically do that lol
  • Kimberly from Greeley, Coi'm listening to the rock show right now !! how ironic. this song makes me think of my friends
  • Ed from London, CanadaThey got $500,000 to spend on their video for this song.
  • Jd from Ginnyia, CanadaThe rock show is about a club they first started playing at, that club was the Soma. That is why Mark wrote the lyrics to comemorate that little club, wich is now no longer there...
  • Adam from Los Angeles, CaThe Mexican food place in San Diego referred to above is called "Sombrero," as heard in the track "Josie." ("She brings me Mexican food from Sombrero just because.") However there are six Sombrero locations, so good luck finding the Blink guys :)
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadathis song is so cool. the video is fab
  • Mariah from Miami, FlWhy was he trying to sneak into his room in the first plaec? Hmmm? =)
  • Rocio from Calexico, Cawell i dont now if you know that u can find then in a mexican food restaurant in san Diego Ca. beause they almost always eat there, sorry but i dont know the adress

    blink 182 kickass
  • Joe from Oshawa, Canadathis song is da bomb . i could listen to it 100,000,000,000 and still would not get bored of it . classic!!!
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandThis song kinda reminda me of Ace troubleshooter - punk rock chicks
  • Jack from Charlotte, Ohtom broke his foot trieing to sneek into marks room when they were in high school
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