Album: Enema Of The State (1999)
  • This song is called Mutt because a Mutt is an old-fashioned word for a girl (and guy in this case) that has no standards in life. This song is about a girl and guy in a relationship and they don't care at all. They want to have sex with each other ("He wants to bone, this I know, she is ready to blow"), and they are spoiled ("Her credit cards are paying the funds"). They are rich and can do whatever they want and Tom finds this sickening because they have no idea what the real world is like. >>
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  • The song featured on the American Pie soundtrack. Mark Hoppus recalled to Kerrang! magazine February 1, 2014: "It was really cool being on there. I think Tom actually read to be one of the characters! The 'Go, trig glory, it's your birthday' line in the movie, I completely made up on the spot. Stuff that I ad-libbed made it into the movie!"

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  • Tim from Utica, NyYes, that does sound like a good point for this song.
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