Album: A Weekend in the City (2007)
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  • One of the themes of the A Weekend in the City album was the emotions a club-goer experiences between Saturday night and Sunday morning. In this song the band's singer and songwriter Kele Okereke addresses that period on Sunday morning when the hangover moves into a more blissful state.
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  • Chris from Preston, United KingdomHuh?? Esere is right when the album was released kele wrote an artical on the bloc party website to describe song after song including music etc. Sunday was written about that morning period after a big saturday night while still feeling the same and enjoying the company of the gf/bf you wake up with. The lyric 'when your still srung out' refers to the fact that the gf will still be loved even if she is in a state in the morning after the big night. Kele also said that the drum beat at the beginning of the song was written to express that feeling of your head when you wake after a big night. i.e. a hangover!
  • Esere from Nigeria, OtherThe song is actually about a hangover on a morning that two lovers have after having a crazy saturday weekend in the city. Its about how two people can overlook their present state of being drunk and still love themselves and appreciate each other.
  • Sven from Huntington Beach, CaThat's not what this song is about, that's what On is about. This is about promiscuity and one night stands!

    "I'll love you in the morning..when you're still strung out"

    It's supposed to be ironic, because nobody should care about a one night stand in the morning; especially if they are hung over.
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