Divine Wind

Album: Cultösaurus Erectus (1980)
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  • The September 11th attacks brought on a wave of songs dealing with the subject, often with hostility toward the attackers, but occasionally with a look at the roots of the problem.

    Twenty-two years earlier, there was another attack on the American way of life when the Iranian government took 52 US citizens hostage. There weren't many songs written about the crisis, but there was extreme anti-Iran sentiment in America. Blue Öyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma took a different approach when he wrote this song dealing with the misguided patriotism of many Americans. Dharma explained in a 1980 interview with the NME: "It's not one of those bomb, bomb, bomb Iran songs. There is a song like that that's popular in the States. In a way it's more to do with America than Iran. I was annoyed when the hostages were taken but I could see how the Iranians would justify it. When you know everything that's bad in our country, the fact that we have the capacity to destroy, that we screw up Third World countries when we could be helping them economically, our greed with oil, the things expected as a right... maybe if the Iranians really think we're evil, the devil, then perhaps we are. We could be rushing headlong into Armageddon.

    The crux of the problem was that Iran disregarded diplomatic immunity and while no one doubts that people spy in embassies that's another frightening breakdown in worldwide convention. The UN is reduced to the old League of Nations, everyone trying for the hammerlock and no one's kidding each other anymore. Actually I've always thought aliens are the only answer, though if they're anything like us they won't necessarily be benevolent."
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