Say You Like It

Album: Finally Home (2013)
  • Imagine the Eagles with a female lead vocalist (which existed in a way - the Eagles were her backing band for a while). This song pulls in influences from that time. Peter Asher co-produced the Blue Sky Riders debut album where this song is found, Finally Home. He also was Ronstadt's producer on her albums from the early 1970s.
  • The featured guitar solo is handled by Joe Walsh, who joined the Eagles in 1976. He lends his distinctive licks, which kick in during the first 15 seconds, flowing in and out through the song's entirety.
  • The aural vibe leans on the Memphis Sound. A funky, jazzy, bass line lays down the foundation with the steady beat from a floor tom drum.
  • Georgia Middleman's lead vocal provides the connective tissue for the song's parts. The lyrics lay out the ground rules for what her expectations are with this potential romance. The song pulls in a writing style that can be used with three and four part harmonies. When reaching the bridge at the 1:18 mark, Kenny Loggins and Gary Burr sing a lyrical backdrop that reinforces in a masculine manner that they have Georgia's back and her interests should not be taken lightly. They sing it clearly during the bridge: "7 money bunny, she don't want nothing but your heart, soul. Better go, tell me what you're waiting for." Fish or cut bait.


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